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Amazon’s 2023 ad – “Early Holiday deals,” aims to promote Holiday deals, focusing on a character named Andrew, preparing for a Polar Plunge event.

Concept and Execution

The ad follows Andrew, who wants to make a “splash” at this year’s Polar Plunge. He purchased a laser hair remover from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) to achieve this. The ad concludes with Andrew showcasing his smooth skin, referring to it as the “Flying Dutchman Smooth Move.

A group of men and women in hats are laughing while enjoying early holiday deals in the water.
Amazon early holiday deals ad


The ad is humorous and light-hearted, aiming to capture the audience’s attention with its quirky storyline. However, it falls short in a few areas:

  1. Relevance: The ad’s focus on a Polar Plunge event and laser hair removal seems disconnected from the broader message of Early Holiday deals. It could confuse viewers looking for typical holiday purchases like gifts or decorations.
  2. Clarity: The term “Flying Dutchman Smooth Move” is catchy but lacks clarity on the product or deal. It might leave viewers puzzled rather than intrigued.

Comparison with Other Ads

Unlike other holiday ads, such as Walmart’s “Bring Holiday Magic Home,” Amazon’s ad lacks a cohesive theme that ties into the holiday spirit. Walmart’s ad, for example, focuses on the joy of gift-giving and family gatherings, which is more relatable for a holiday campaign.

Amazon 2023 ad – Early Holiday Deals Ratings

Memorable: 7/10

The ad is memorable for its unique storyline involving Andrew’s preparation for the Polar Plunge. The term “Flying Dutchman Smooth Move” is catchy and likely to stick in viewers’ minds. However, the ad’s memorability doesn’t necessarily translate to a clear understanding of Amazon’s Early Holiday deals, so it doesn’t score higher.

Effective: 5/10

The ad falls short in terms of effectiveness. While it does a good job of grabbing attention, it doesn’t communicate the value or range of Amazon’s Early Holiday deals. Compared to other holiday ads focusing on the joy of gift-giving or special discounts, this ad may entertain viewers but not necessarily motivate them to purchase.

Style: 8/10

The ad scores high on style. The visuals are crisp, and the storyline is presented humorously and engagingly. “Flying Dutchman Smooth Move” adds a quirky flair that aligns with Amazon’s often unconventional advertising approach.

Heart or Humor: 7/10

The ad leans more towards humor than heart. The concept of Andrew going to great lengths to prepare for the Polar Plunge is amusing. However, the humor doesn’t tie back to the holiday theme or the promoted deals, which could be seen as a missed opportunity.

Execution: 8/10

The ad is well-executed regarding video quality, pacing, and acting. However, it misses the mark in delivering a clear and compelling message about Amazon’s Early Holiday deals. The storyline, while entertaining, doesn’t effectively serve the ad’s primary objective.

Rating Explanation

The ad performs well in style and memorability but lacks effectiveness and execution. While it’s an entertaining watch, it could benefit from a more focused message that ties the humor and storyline back to the Early Holiday deals Amazon promotes. Compared to other holiday ads that manage to be entertaining and informative, “Ice Ice Daddy” could use some fine-tuning to better align with its marketing goals.

Final Thoughts

While the ad is entertaining, it may not effectively communicate the value of Amazon’s Early Holiday deals to the average consumer. It’s a fun watch but could benefit from a more focused message and clearer call-to-action.



It lacks effectiveness

Heart or Humor7.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 6.7

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