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Apple ad 2023 – You Think That’s Hard Work?

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Apple’s advertisement, titled “You Think That’s Hard Work?” aims to celebrate the versatility of Macs 2023, showing that they can be used in various fields—from STEMM to business, arts, and athletics.

Concept and Execution

The ad features a series of vignettes showcasing individuals from different professions and walks of life, all using Macs for their work. The recurring theme is “hard work,” with each person claiming their task is the hardest, only to be one-upped by the next person. The ad concludes with the message that while work may be hard, it’s easier on a Mac.

A woman sitting at a desk with an Apple laptop working on an ad for 2023.
Apple advert 2023 Mac

Memorable: 9/10

The ad is highly memorable due to its unique storytelling approach and the various characters and professions showcased. The recurring theme of “hard work” is catchy and stays with the viewer.

Effective: 8/10

The ad effectively communicates the versatility and utility of Macs in various fields. It successfully portrays the Mac as a tool that can make any job easier, regardless of its complexity.

Style: 9/10

The ad is stylishly produced, featuring high-quality visuals and a diverse cast. The transitions between the vignettes are smooth, and the overall production quality is top-notch.

Heart or Humor: 8/10

The ad uses humor effectively to engage the audience. The one-upmanship between the characters adds a layer of entertainment that complements the ad’s message.

Execution: 9/10

The ad is excellently executed, with a clear narrative structure and high production values. It successfully conveys its message engagingly and entertainingly.

In a futuristic ad for Apple in 2023, a woman in a lab coat confidently stares at the camera.
Apple 2023 Mac advert

Comparison with Other Ads

Compared to Dell‘s “Work Securely from Virtually Anywhere with Connected PCs,” Apple’s ad is more versatile and engaging. While Dell’s ad focuses on a specific problem and solution, Apple’s ad celebrates the diversity of tasks that can be accomplished with a Mac, making it more universally appealing.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s ad is a compelling showcase of the Mac’s versatility. It is engaging, memorable, and effectively communicates its message.

A woman is sitting in front of a laptop, using the latest Apple product in 2023.
Apple ad 2023 – You Think That Hard Work



Well done!

Heart or Humor8.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.6

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