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The Energizing Return of the Holiday Bunny

The holiday season is synonymous with heartwarming advertisements, and Duracell’s Christmas Commercial for 2023, titled “Bunny Saves Christmas,” stands out in this year’s festive lineup. This campaign marks the Duracell Bunny’s significant return to the holiday scene after a five-year hiatus, reestablishing the brand’s synonymous relationship with endurance and reliability. Let’s dive into this commercial and rate its components on a scale of 10 to 100, with 100 being the highest.

Memorable (Rating: 90): The ad leaves a lasting impression. The Duracell Bunny’s heroic rescue is a narrative that viewers will likely remember, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for reliability.

Effective (Rating: 80): The video’s message is clear and impactful. It goes beyond promoting batteries; it promises that the magic of Christmas morning will remain uninterrupted, resonating deeply with the audience.

Style (Rating: 90): The Duracell Christmas Commercial 2023 is a stylish concoction of whimsy and winter charm. The visual narrative, with its bright colors and dynamic animation, brings a modern twist to the traditional holiday advertisement.

Heart & Humor (Rating: 80): Duracell delivers a heartfelt message. The commercial connects with the emotional essence of the holiday season, portraying the Duracell Bunny as a caring figure intent on preserving the joy of Christmas. The humor in Duracell’s commercial is understated but effective. The predicament of Santa and the confident intervention by the Bunny offer a light-hearted moment that’s family-friendly.

Execution (Rating: 90): The execution of the commercial is exemplary. Duracell’s strategic deployment across multiple platforms, including TV and social media, ensures widespread reach and engagement.

Santa Claus and his reindeer in a sleigh with a Christmas commercial for Duracell.
Santa Claus and his reindeer in a sleigh with a Christmas commercial for Duracell.

Duracell Commercial 2023 Christmas Pros And Cons


  1. The nostalgic return of the Duracell Bunny enhances brand recognition.
  2. The product’s unique selling proposition is cleverly woven into a festive narrative.
  3. The comprehensive campaign strategy across various channels increases visibility and interaction.


  1. The emphasis on product functionality may overshadow the deeper emotional connection some viewers seek.
  2. The traditional approach of the commercial might be seen as less innovative amidst a plethora of creative holiday advertisements.
  3. The focus on the Duracell Bunny might limit the brand’s exploration of new marketing narratives.


As we welcome the holiday season, Duracell’s Christmas Commercial 2023 shines as a beacon of delight and dependability. “Bunny Saves Christmas” is more than just an advertisement; it’s a testament to the little things that brighten our holiday experiences. With the Duracell Bunny leading the charge, Duracell ensures that your festive celebrations are powered by the best. This commercial is a gift that keeps on giving, much like the enduring power of Duracell batteries.

A Duracell commercial featuring Santa Claus in a snowy Christmas scene.
A Duracell commercial featuring Santa Claus in a snowy Christmas scene.

Duracell has launched its first festive campaign in five years titled “Bunny Saves Christmas,” created by Wunderman Thompson UK. The campaign highlights the performance of Duracell Optimum batteries, aiming to ensure that small mishaps don’t ruin the magical family Christmas experience. The campaign, which will run through the festive season across EMEA and South America, features a hero TV spot where the Duracell Bunny saves Santa’s sleigh after the red-nosed reindeer’s power fails. The bunny replaces the ordinary batteries with Duracell Optimum, restoring the sleigh’s journey. The ad, which ends with the tagline “Don’t risk it, choose Duracell,” will have shorter versions and social media executions on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Marco Montanaro, Duracell’s Associate Marketing Director, expresses excitement for the bunny’s return, emphasizing the combined power of the bunny and Duracell Optimum batteries.

The Holiday Bunny


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