This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question   Sainsbury's Christmas 2023

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2023 – watch the video

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Heart or Humor


Rick Astley’s Cameo Sparks Festive Delight!

Sainsbury’s has unwrapped its 2023 Christmas commercial, and it’s a present that keeps on giving. With a cameo from the evergreen Rick Astley, the ad addresses a child’s big question about Santa’s festive feast, all set within the bustling aisles of a Sainsbury’s store. Here’s our take, with ratings and a critical look at the ad’s highs and lows.

Advert Ratings:

  • Memorable (90/100): The ad scores high on memorability, thanks to Astley’s catchy involvement and the heartwarming interaction between real employees and customers.
  • Effective (85/100): The effectiveness of the ad in promoting Sainsbury’s festive range is clear, with a strong call to action and product visibility.
  • Style (80/100): Stylishly executed, the ad’s visuals are a feast for the eyes, capturing the holiday spirit with a modern twist.
  • Heart (95/100): The heart rating soars as the ad tugs at the strings with genuine warmth and a sense of community. Humor is sprinkled throughout, especially with Astley’s playful nod to his meme status.
  • Execution (92/100): The overall execution is polished, from the concept to the final cut, making for a cohesive and engaging commercial.

Pros And Cons of the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2023


  1. Nostalgic Star Power: Rick Astley’s appearance is a clever use of nostalgia, resonating with a wide audience and adding a unique twist to the ad.
  2. Authentic Cast: Featuring real Sainsbury’s staff lends authenticity and relatability, making the commercial feel grounded and sincere.
  3. Festive Feast for the Eyes: The ad’s visual representation of the holiday feast is both appetizing and a brilliant showcase of Sainsbury’s holiday offerings.


  1. Predictable Plot: The storyline, while heartwarming, doesn’t break new ground in the realm of Christmas ads.
  2. Missed Emotional Depth: Despite its warmth, the ad could delve deeper into individual stories for a stronger emotional punch.
  3. Safe Humor: The humor, while present, plays it safe and could be bolder to make a more lasting impression.

Sainsbury's Christmas ad 2023 - watch the video
Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2023 – This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question


Sainsbury’s Christmas Commercial 2023 wraps up a festive message with a bow of charm and cheer. Rick Astley’s cameo not only adds a dash of humor but ensures the ad will be ringing in our heads long after the holidays have passed. While it may not be a Christmas revolution, it’s a welcome addition to the season’s ad lineup, sure to spark conversations from the dinner table to social media feeds.


Founder, CCO: Ian Heartfield
Founder, CEO: James Murphy
Founder, CSO: David Golding
Art Director: Alicia Job
Copywriter: Jess Pacey
Artistic Directors: Nici Hofer, Dan Bailey, Brad Woolf
Design & Artwork: King Henry Studios
Head of Design: Danny Tomkins
Designer: Jasmin Price
Artworker: Lol Keen
Motion Graphics: Mat Wardle
Production Company: Pulse Films
Director: Freddie Waters
DoPs: Benjamin Kračun, Matt Fox
Photographer: Colin Campbell

Stylishly executed


What’s on Santa’s plate?

Heart or Humor9.5
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