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Apple ad – The new MacBook Pro 2023

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Heart or Humor


Clear Messaging

Apple’s advertisement titled “The new MacBook Pro” aims to showcase the new MacBook Pro, emphasizing its advanced chips, graphics performance, battery life, and stunning Liquid Retina XDR display. It also introduces a new color: Space Black.

Concept and Execution

The ad is a dynamic presentation of the MacBook Pro’s features, using vibrant visuals and a powerful soundtrack to highlight the laptop’s capabilities. It emphasizes the advanced M3 family of chips, graphics performance, and the laptop’s new color, Space Black.

A group of people working on an Apple MacBook Pro at night in 2023.
Apple Advert


Memorable: 9/10

The ad is visually striking and memorable, with the introduction of the MacBook Pro in Space Black being a standout feature. The dynamic presentation of the laptop’s capabilities makes a strong impression.

Effective: 9/10

The ad effectively communicates the advanced features of the new MacBook Pro, from its chips to its display and battery life. It positions the MacBook Pro as a powerful tool for professionals and creatives.

Style: 9/10

Apple maintains its signature style—sleek, modern, and sophisticated. The visuals are engaging, and the presentation is polished, aligning with Apple’s brand image.

Heart or Humor: 7/10

The ad leans towards a stylish presentation rather than evoking emotion or humor. It is more focused on showcasing the MacBook Pro’s features and capabilities.

Execution: 9/10

The execution of the ad is top-notch, with a clear focus on the MacBook Pro’s enhanced features. The pacing is good, and the visuals are aligned with the messaging.

Apple Ad Vs. Dell Ad

Compared to other tech ads like Dell’s “Work Securely from Virtually Anywhere with Connected PCs,” Apple’s ad is more visually captivating and focuses on a broader range of features, making it appealing to a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

Apple’s “The new MacBook Pro” ad is a powerful showcase of the laptop’s enhanced features and capabilities, presented in a visually captivating manner. It effectively communicates the value proposition of the MacBook Pro, making it appealing to professionals and creatives.

In this Apple ad, a person's hand delicately touches the screen of a MacBook Pro 2023 laptop.
Apple commercial – The new MacBook Pro 2023



  • Visual Appeal: The ad is visually captivating, using graphics and color to showcase the MacBook Pro’s features.
  • Clear Messaging: The ad does a great job of clearly communicating the advanced capabilities of the new MacBook Pro.
  • Broad Appeal: The ad’s focus on various features of the MacBook Pro, from its chip to its battery life, makes it appealing to a wide audience.


  • Length: The ad is somewhat long, which might cause viewers to lose interest before it ends.
  • Specific Focus: The ad is heavily focused on the technical aspects and new features of the MacBook Pro, which might not appeal to a more general audience looking for everyday usability.



A powerful showcase of enhanced features.

Heart or Humor7.0
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