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It stands out in the seasonal ad flurry.

Ho, ho, ho! In collaboration with Bastion Shine, Air New Zealand has unwrapped its latest festive offering: ‘The Great Christmas Chase.’ Renowned for adding a unique spin to the holiday season, Air New Zealand’s 2023 campaign takes a playful leap into action-movie territory, giving us a flight attendant turned Christmas hero. Let’s dive into this tinsel-tangled adventure and see if it’s more than just sleigh bells and whistles!

Air New Zealand Christmas 2023 commercial
Air New Zealand Christmas 2023 commercial: Flight Attendant to the Rescue: More Action-Packed than Santa’s Sleigh!
  1. Action-Packed Creativity: The ad cleverly infuses action-packed sequences into the mundane airport setting, giving it a fresh, cinematic feel. It’s like ‘Die Hard‘ meets ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘ – minus Bruce Willis and more tinsel.
  2. Relatable Setting with a Twist: Airports during Christmas are universally recognized as hectic. The ad uses this relatability but flips it with humor and suspense, making it a thrilling yet familiar ride.
  3. Brand Personality Shines: The ad reinforces Air New Zealand‘s reputation for exceptional customer service and warmth (‘manaaki’). It’s not just about flying; it’s about caring – with a dash of Hollywood!
  1. Slightly Over-the-Top: The action-movie trope, while entertaining, might overshadow the core message of customer care and dedication.
  2. Missed Emotional Connection: In the whirlwind of action, the ad skimps a bit on the heartwarming, tear-jerking moments typical of Christmas ads.
  3. Risk of Stereotyping: The portrayal of a flight attendant as an action hero is fun but risks trivializing the genuinely challenging aspects of their job.
Air New Zealand Christmas 2023 Advert
Hollywood in the Terminal: Where Christmas Magic Meets Movie Magic.

‘The Great Christmas Chase’ is a high-flying escapade that brings adrenaline to the festive ad landscape. In this cinematic caper, Air New Zealand swaps the sleigh for a boarding pass. It might not make you reach for the tissues, but it’ll certainly make you fasten your seatbelt with a smile. Remember, while your flight attendant might not dive through closing doors for you, their dedication is no less heroic!

  1. Memorable (85/100): The ad scores high on the memorability scale due to its unique approach. Veering away from traditional, cozy Christmas themes, it opts for an action-packed narrative. The image of a flight attendant dashing heroically through the airport to save Christmas is not something viewers will forget quickly. It’s like a festive blockbuster that sticks in your mind!
  2. Effective (75/100): While the ad is undoubtedly engaging, its effectiveness in conveying the brand’s message of customer care and dedication is slightly diluted by the over-emphasis on action and stunts. It’s a fun watch, but the airline’s core values might get lost amidst the high-flying escapades.
  3. Style (90/100): This is where the ad truly excels. The decision to frame a Christmas narrative within the context of an action movie is stylistically bold and refreshing. Integrating iconic film easter eggs adds a layer of enjoyment for movie buffs. It’s a visual treat, blending the festive spirit with cinematic flair.
  4. Heart/Humor (80/100): The ad is infused with humor, mainly through the exaggerated action sequences and the playful acknowledgment of Christmas chaos at the airport. However, it slightly misses the mark in the ‘heart’ department. The emotional connection and warmth often associated with Christmas ads overshadow the focus on action and comedy.
  5. Execution (85/100): The overall execution of the ad is impressive. The cinematography, pacing, and acting are top-notch, especially by Shanti Tucker, the flight attendant and star of the video. The scenes are well-crafted, and the narrative flows smoothly. However, the balance between action and portraying the brand’s ethos could have been more finely tuned.
Air New Zealand Christmas 2023 Ad
Air New Zealand Christmas 2023 Commercial – Dodging Candy Canes: Not Your Average Day at the Airport.



Flight Attendant to the Rescue

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