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An epic adventure

It’s that time of the year when the air is filled with jingles, and our hearts with longing for togetherness. Air Canada’s “Once Upon a Tree” ad is a 90-second emotional rollercoaster that glides smoothly through the holiday spirit. It’s a story of two nutcracker bears, separated by the expanse of a Christmas tree, embarking on a daring journey to reunite.

Air Canada Christmas ad
From tree to shining tree – a nutcracker’s tale of love.
  1. Emotional Storytelling: The ad dives deep into the ocean of emotions with its poignant narrative. Heartfelt lyrics like “Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me” aren’t just tear-jerkers; they’re full-blown emotional tsunamis, perfect for the holiday season.
  2. Stunning Animation: The animated style of the bears and their world transforms a simple Christmas tree into a magical land, making every frame a visual treat. It’s like watching a Pixar short but with more nutcrackers and fewer talking toys.
  3. Brand Connection: Air Canada subtly positions itself as the hero that aids the reunion, symbolizing its role in connecting people. The brand’s message is clear: Air Canada doesn’t just transport you; it brings hearts closer.
  1. Lack of Product Highlight: The ad is heavy on emotions but light on showcasing Air Canada’s specific services or offerings. Viewers might end up remembering the story more than the airline.
  2. Potential Over-Sentimentality: For the Scrooges and Grinches of the world, this ad might come across as a bit too sweet, risking a sugar overdose in its earnest attempt to tug at heartstrings.
  3. Comparative Predictability: Following a trend set by other airlines, the ad doesn’t break new ground in advertising. It’s a familiar flight path in a sky filled with similar emotional narratives.

“Once Upon a Tree” is like a warm holiday hug from Air Canada, reminding us that the best gifts don’t always fit under the tree. Sometimes, they zip-line across it.

Air Canada Christmas advert
Love is in the air, and it’s flying with Air Canada.

  • Memorable (80/100): Like finding an old holiday ornament, it’s nostalgic and sweet, but you might not tell all your friends about it.
  • Effective (75/100): It lands smoothly in the heart, but might circle a bit before reaching the brain.
  • Style (90/100): Visually, it’s like a gingerbread house made by a Michelin-star chef – delightful and intricate.
  • Heart/Humor (85/100): It’s more heart than humor, but that heart is as full and rich as your grandma’s holiday pudding.
  • Execution (80/100): Executed with the grace of a reindeer on a rooftop, though it might not light up the sky like Rudolph’s nose.
Air Canada Christmas ad
When holiday ornaments go on an epic adventure – Air Canada style!



Love is in the air

Heart or Humor8.5
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.4

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