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A Feline Adventure with a 'WOW' Factor

Samsung ad 2023, created by BBH Singapore, showcases the launch of their flagship television, the 2023 Neo QLED 8K, with a humorous and visually spectacular story involving an everyman and his grouchy cat. The ad cleverly utilizes a universally relatable situation to demonstrate the ‘WOW’ factor of the Neo QLED 8K, ensuring that viewers will be captivated from start to finish.

The protagonist of this story is Bebo, an exotic shorthair cat with a seemingly permanent look of disapproval. The film begins with Bebo observing the delivery of the new Neo QLED 8K and responding with an unexpected ‘WOW.’ Intrigued by this rare display of amazement, the cat’s owner embarks on an entertaining mission to elicit the same reaction from Bebo once more.

Throughout the ad, we witness a series of increasingly elaborate attempts by the owner to make Bebo say ‘WOW’ again. These antics provide plenty of comic relief and add an element of lightheartedness that will undoubtedly resonate with the audience. However, it is not until the Neo QLED 8K is finally switched on that Bebo is again left speechless with awe.


  • Engaging Storyline: The commercial’s humorous and captivating narrative, featuring the cat Bebo and his owner’s attempts to impress him, draws viewers in and keeps their attention throughout the ad.
  • Stunning Visuals: The ad’s high-quality visuals effectively showcase the impressive capabilities of the Neo QLED 8K, emphasizing its ‘WOW’ factor and making the commercial visually appealing.
  • Memorable: The use of a universally relatable situation, coupled with humor, makes the ad memorable and likely to resonate with a wide audience, thus increasing the chances of the commercial’s success.


  • Limited Focus on Technical Features: The Samsung advert 2023 focuses primarily on the narrative and humor, which may leave viewers wanting more information on the Neo QLED 8K’s specific technical features and advantages.
  • Potentially Overused Concept: The idea of using animals, especially cats, to create humor and draw attention in commercials is a fairly common tactic, which may make the ad seem less original to some viewers.
  • Target Audience: The ad may not effectively reach those viewers who are more interested in the technical aspects of the product, as it primarily focuses on the entertainment value of the story rather than the technical specifications of the Neo QLED 8K.
samsung ad 2023 wow cat
Bebo, the cute cat that said WOW

The creative team at BBH Singapore successfully uses humor and stunning visuals to emphasize the impressive qualities of the Neo QLED 8K. This approach highlights the TV’s technological prowess and makes for an enjoyable and memorable viewing experience. The commercial truly captures the essence of why people watch television: to have fun and feel good.


Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 8K ad is a delightful and captivating blend of humor, visual spectacle, and cutting-edge technology. With its engaging storyline and heartwarming conclusion, this ad will leave viewers with a smile on their faces and a strong impression of the ‘WOW’ factor that the Neo QLED 8K has to offer.


BBH Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Sascha Kuntze
Creative Director: Charlene Chua
Creative Director and Head of Art: Gaston Soto
Senior Art Director: Nico Tangara
Senior Art Director: Amos Mak
Copywriter: Judy Au
Pitch Creatives: Xander Lee, Ishan Venkat, Michael Chin
Head of Production: Wendi Chong
Head of Business: David Anson
Business Director: Jasmine Portman
Associate Account Director: Seraphyn See
Head of Strategy: Chris Chalk
Strategy Director: Ruth Lim
Social Specialists: Rebekah Anthony, Kristal Lee
Motion Graphics Art Director & Content Creator: Allan Yeo

Immigrant Studio
Film Director: Rodrigo Saavedra
Executive Producer: Phie Hansen
Special Effects Studio: SWISS
Sound Production: Antfood

Head of IMC Part, Visual Display Marketing Group: Hyun Min Chun
Visual Display Marketing Team: Sunny Yang, Anant Baijal, Woohee Park, Soomin Jo, Hyewon Lee



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