Boots Christmas Advert 2023 – Thank You, Santa

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North Pole in Boots' festive ad

In the enchanting realm of holiday commercials, Boots steps up with its latest Christmas campaign, “Thank You, Santa.” This heartwarming ad, crafted by The Pharm and underscored by the melodious tunes of Val Doonican, takes viewers on a whimsical journey to the North Pole. As stated by Pete Markey, its Chief Marketing Officer, Boots, a renowned British health and beauty brand, aims to “own joy” this festive season. The advert, featuring a mother-daughter duo’s quest to gift Santa Claus, seamlessly blends familial love with the spirit of giving, making it a poignant narrative for the holiday season.

Boots Christmas Advert 2023 - Thank You, Santa
Boots Christmas Advert 2023: The Touching Gift to Santa

Memorable (88/100)

  • Pros: The unique premise of a child wondering who gifts Santa creates an instantly memorable hook. The journey across various landscapes makes the ad visually arresting.
  • Cons: While clever, the focus on product placement might overshadow the narrative for some viewers.

Effective (85/100)

  • Pros: The ad effectively showcases a wide range of products, appealing to a broad audience. The theme of gratitude resonates well with the spirit of Christmas.
  • Cons: The direct association of joy with purchasing might not sit well with all audiences.

Style (90/100)

  • Pros: The cinematography is exceptional, capturing the magical essence of Christmas. Val Doonican’s soundtrack adds a nostalgic charm.
  • Cons: The style may be a bit too traditional for some, lacking in modern or innovative visual elements.

Heart/Humor (92/100)

  • Pros: The mother-daughter bonding and their kind acts towards strangers pull at the heartstrings. The innocence and curiosity of the child add a light-hearted tone.
  • Cons: The humor is subtle, which might be missed by those expecting more overtly comedic elements.

Execution (87/100)

  • Pros: The storytelling is seamless, with a clear narrative flow. The integration of Boots’ products into the story is clever.
  • Cons: Some transitions between scenes might feel abrupt, potentially disrupting the narrative flow for some viewers.
Boots Christmas ad 2023 - Thank You, Santa
Heartwarming scene of the duo sharing the spirit of giving with kind strangers

With its heartwarming narrative, picturesque visuals, and thoughtful product integration, Boots Christmas advert 2023 successfully creates a memorable experience for its viewers. It reminds us of the joy in giving and the importance of appreciating those around us. The effectiveness of the ad lies in its ability to weave a story that resonates with a wide audience, making everyone feel included in the festive spirit.

The strategic vision of Pete Markey, combined with the creative prowess of The Pharm, has resulted in an advertisement that stands out in the bustling holiday season. While there are minor areas for improvement in execution and humor, the overall impact of the ad is undeniably positive and heartening. It strikes a fine balance between commercial appeal and emotional connection, a testament to the power of thoughtful advertising.

In a season defined by joy, togetherness, and generosity, Boots’ “Thank You, Santa” ad is a delightful reminder of the magic that can be found in small acts of kindness. It’s a narrative that not only promotes a brand but also reinforces the timeless values of the Christmas season. As we approach the holidays, this ad invites us to reflect on the beauty of giving and the joy of sharing, truly embodying the spirit of Christmas.

Boots Christmas commercial TV 2023 - Thank You, Santa
A magical moment as the mother and daughter set off on their Christmas adventure.



An enchanting snowy landscapes

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