The Most Popular Christmas Ads of 2023 (so far)

As the festive season approaches, brands across the globe gear up to capture hearts and open wallets with their creative and often heartwarming Christmas advertisements. The best Christmas ads of 2023 are not just commercials; they are stories that resonate with the season’s spirit, embedding themselves in the cultural fabric of the holiday period. This article will explore why Christmas ads have become a staple and hold more prominence in Europe than America’s Super Bowl ads. We’ll unwrap the magic behind the top holiday ads from renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Duracell, Amazon, Sainsbury’s, LIDL, John Lewis, ALDI, and Argos.

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As the holiday season unfolds with joy and sparkle, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity for you to choose the best Christmas advert of 2023. This year’s adverts have been spectacular, each weaving a magical story of the festive season. Now, it’s your turn to decide which stands out the most. Our poll, running from November 25th to December 26th, is your platform to vote for the advert that captured your imagination and festive spirit the most. Whether the emotional depth, creative flair, or innovative approach swayed you, your vote counts in crowning the holiday season’s advertising champion. Don’t miss this chance to participate in a celebration of advertising creativity at its finest. Mark your calendars and subscribe to our free newsletter, as the results will be unveiled on December 27th! #BestChristmasAd2023

The Significance of Christmas Ads

Christmas ads have become a phenomenon that goes beyond mere marketing. They are anticipated events that can spark conversations, evoke emotions, and create traditions. This is because they often reflect the values and sentiments amplified during the holidays: joy, family, generosity, and nostalgia. Brands that successfully capture these elements can often significantly impact consumer behavior and brand loyalty.

Christmas Ads in Europe vs. Super Bowl Ads in America

In Europe, Christmas ads have become as much a part of the holiday tradition as mince pies and mulled wine. Retailers like John Lewis in the UK have set a high standard with their storytelling approach, making their annual Christmas ad release a much-awaited event. This contrasts with the American advertising landscape, where Super Bowl commercials are the showstoppers. The difference lies in the cultural significance of the associated events. Christmas in Europe has a deeply rooted cultural and historical importance, while the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, attracting a different kind of hype and audience.

The Best Christmas Ads of 2023

1. Coca-Cola – “Anyone Can Be Santa”

This holiday season, Coca-Cola reminds us that we all have a Santa within. Discover how kindness bubbles over in their heartwarming 2023 Christmas commercial.

The World Needs More Santas   Coca-Cola

2. John Lewis – Snapper: The Perfect Tree

Alfie buys a seed at a market to grow his own Christmas tree.

Snapper The Perfect Tree   John Lewis & Partners   Christmas Ad 2023
John Lewis’s Christmas ad 2023 is different.

3. Capital One’s Christmas 2023 Ad ft. John Travolta

John Travolta, Donna Pescow, and the iconic “Stayin’ Alive.”

Quicksilver “Holiday Night Fever” 60   Capital One
Capital One commercial ft. John Travolta

4. TK Maxx – Festive Farm

Lil the goat and his crew.

TK Maxx advert 2023

5. Tesco Christmas Advert 2023: How Bizarre!

The father-son dynamic adds a relatable touch, blending humor with familial bonds.

Helping you #BecomeMoreChristmas ⛄�   Tesco
The bizarre Tesco Christmas Advert

6. Duracell – “Bunny Saves Christmas”

Light up your holidays with the return of a classic! Watch the Duracell Bunny save Christmas in the heartwarming Duracell Christmas Commercial 2023. Don’t miss the magic!


7. ALDI – Kevin the Carrot

Cast: Kevin the Carrot, Great Grandpa, Greedy, Gluttonous Grape, Naughty Green Kiwi, Plumty-Dumptys, Spoilt Little Sprout, Ebanana Scrooge, Marcus Raddishford.

Aldi Christmas Advert 2023
ALDI XMS commercial

8. M&S – Say HELLO to Right & Left Mitten

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney don mittens for a heartwarming M&S Christmas journey. This ad series is the season’s must-watch!

M&S Christmas Food   2023 Christmas Advert

9. ARGOS – Dancer

The dynamic duo Connie and Trevor are leading the charge.

Dancer   Argos Christmas Ad 2023

10. Amazon – Joy Ride

Maya Waterman, the lead character, and her friends, portrayed by Annie O’Donnell and others, bring authenticity and charm to the screen, showcasing the joy of life at any age.

Joy Ride   Amazon Christmas Ad

11. Dior – The Garden of Dreams

Anya Taylor Joy stars in the Dior Christmas advert 2023

Dior Holiday 2023 - The Garden of Dreams

12. Lidl – A Magical Christmas

Gift a toy to Lidl’s Toybank and share the magic.

A Magical Christmas with Lidl’s Christmas TV Advert   Lidl GB

13. ALDI Australia – Go Big on the Little Things

A ham and turkey without sides is just a ham and turkey. They only become a Christmas feast when a plethora of sides surrounds them.

Go Big On The Little Things   ALDI Australia

14. Etsy – ‘Impossible’ Holiday Missions

Four Christmas ads, the same theme: Twins, Dad, Tim and Niece.

Etsy Christmas 2023 Campaign

15. Waitrose & Partners: It’s Time For The GOOD Stuff

Graham Norton stars in the Waitrose & Partners XMS 2023 advert.

It's Time For The GOOD Stuff   Christmas Advert 2023   Waitrose
Waitrose Christmas 2023 Advert

16. Asda: Make this Christmas Incredibublé

Asda’s Christmas commercial sees superstar Michael Bublé in a new role

Make this Christmas Incredibublé – Asda Christmas 2023
Asda’s Christmas commercial ft. Michael Bublé

17. Very -Let’s Make It Sparkle

Girls Aloud’s version from the Chemistry special edition album

Let's Make It Sparkle   Very's Christmas Advert 2023
Very Christmas Advert

18 Lovehoney – Customer quotes

Real customer quotes directly from the Lovehoney website

Lovehoney   Christmas Advert 2023
Lovehoney advert

19. Heathrow: Festive Travel Stories

With a twinkle in his eye and a sparkle in his pocket.

Heathrow XMS ads

20. Morrisons

Features Starship’s 1987 hit song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”

Morrisons Christmas Ad

21. Sainsbury’s – “This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question.”

Rick rolls into Christmas! Discover why Sainsbury’s 2023 Christmas ad with Rick Astley is the festive hit of the season!

This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question   Sainsbury's Christmas 2023
Sainsbury advert

22. Peroni -Living Every Moment

Peroni advert

23. Disney – A Wish For The Holidays

A Disney A Wish For The Holidays’, takes inspiration from the soon to be released Walt Disney Animation Studios movie Wish.

A Wish For The Holidays   Disney Christmas Advert 2023   Disney UK
Disney Holiday advert

24. IKEA Canada: Take a Holiday from the Holidays

The commercial offers a humorous and honest take on the festive season, resonating with everyone needing a break from the holiday hustle.

IKEA   Take a Holiday from the Holidays (60s)
IKEA Canada Commercial 2023

25. Vodafone – Feel the connection this Christmas

Vodafone’s elf is dialing up the Christmas spirit!

Feel the connection this Christmas on Vodafone’s award-winning network   Vodafone UK
Vodafone advert

26. PETA Christmas ad 2023 ft. Jane Horrocks

Let’s kill the tradition, not the turkey!

PETA’s 2023 Christmas Ad Featuring Jane Horrocks

27. M&S Clothing & Home – Christmas Destruction

The most controversial Christmas advert of 2023.

M&S Christmas Clothing & Home   2023 Christmas Advert
M&S Christmas Clothing & Home Ad

28. CHANEL Christmas ad 2023 – Find Your Dream Gift

Discover the elegance of CHANEL Watches and Fine Jewelry set in the Château de Chenonceau

Find Your Dream Gift – CHANEL Watches and Fine Jewelry

29. Shelter – Good as Gold

Over 131,000 children will wake up on Christmas morning without a place to call home.


30. Sports Direct Dream Big It’s Christmas

Whether you’re a rising baller dreaming of making it pro or gearing up to smash a PB, whatever you’re dreaming of this Christmas


31. Dobbies: Find Your Christmust

Whether it’s a bauble, a tree, a visit to Santa or something delicious in the restaurant…

dobbies garden centres   find your christmust 1080p

32. JD Sports Forever Forward

The ad features stars like Kano, Central Cee, and Davido, set to the classic tune of ‘Sweet Harmony.’

The Bag for Life   JD Sports Christmas Ad 2023
JD Sports advert

33. Walkers: A Crisp Take on Festive Sharing

Get ready to share a laugh (and a bag of crisps) this holiday season.

Walkers Christmas
Walkers advert

34. McDonald’s – featuring a classic 80s song: Van Halen hit “Jump”

Love Actually meets fast food fun

Fancy a McDonald's this Christmas

35. CHANEL: Welcome To Chanel Wonderland

The ad features Sébastien Tellier, Vittoria Ceretti, Akon Changkou, Lucas El Bali, Chloe Oh.


36. Walmart – Find your thing for the holidays​

Find your thing for the holidays​
Walmart XMAS advert

37. Barbour – Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour

Discover the magic of this festive collaboration.

Barbour Christmas Advert 2023   Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour
Barbour advert 2023

38. Boots – Thank You, Santa

A heartwarming journey of a mother and daughter to the North Pole.

Boots Christmas Advert 2023   #GiveJoy   Boots UK
Boots TV commercial

39. Macy’s Hey, Santa!

A young boy’s enchanting journey through Macy’s in search of a special gift for Santa.

Macy’s Holiday Commercial 2023   Hey, Santa
Macy’s Christmas advert.

40. Toyota – Present from the Past” and “Arrivals.”

A Holiday Adventure Across Generations.

Toyota Ads for the 2023 Holiday

41. Mercedes-Benz Commercial Holiday 2023

‘Happy holidays, with Love.’ is a black and white video that redefines festive advertising with elegance and emotional depth

Happy holidays, with Love.   Mercedes-Benz

42. Air New Zealand’s ‘The Great Christmas Chase’ Ad

Air New Zealand’s ‘The Great Christmas Chase’ Ad

It is a festive ad that takes the holiday spirit to new, action-packed heights.

Air New Zealand presents  The Great Christmas Chase

The Rising Tide of Christmas Advertising

The UK advertising landscape will witness a historic surge this festive season. The Advertising Association forecasts a whopping £9.5 billion expenditure, a palpable increase of 4.8% compared to 2022’s £9 billion. This uptrend is not just a number; it reflects a deep-seated shift in the advertising dynamics of the festive period.

Celebrity Sparkle in Retail Campaigns

One cannot overlook the star-studded charm in this year’s Christmas campaigns. Major UK retailers have already rolled out their adverts, featuring celebrities like Michael Bublé, Ryan Reynolds, and Graham Norton. These high-profile endorsements are not merely a draw; they symbolize the retailers’ aggressive approach to capturing consumer attention. In comparison, previous years have seen a more subdued celebrity presence, indicating a strategic shift towards glamour and star power.

TV Ads: The Heart of Tradition with a Digital Twist

TV commercials, an enduring symbol of British Christmas tradition, continue to dominate. Warc’s prediction of over £1.5 billion spent on TV advertising underscores its central role. However, there’s a notable pivot towards digital, with a staggering four out of every five pounds spent online in 2023. This digital outspend is not just a trend; it’s a paradigm shift. It reflects a broader industry movement towards online platforms, contrasting the traditionally TV-centric approach.

Diversified Spending: A Mixed Bag

The Warc research presents a fascinating tapestry of advertising spend. While there’s an upswing in video-on-demand services and out-of-home and online display investments, traditional mediums like national news outlets, radio, and magazines are witnessing a decline. This shift signifies a changing consumer behavior, where digital and interactive platforms are increasingly favored over traditional media.

The ITV Conundrum

ITV’s situation presents a nuanced picture. Despite an overall revenue increase, there’s a worrying decline in ad revenues. This Christmas season could be a turning point for ITV, potentially offsetting its financial woes. However, the expected decrease in total ad revenue and the consequent reduction in content spending for 2024 raises critical questions about the broadcaster’s future strategy and its adaptability in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

Conclusion: A Season of Change

This record-breaking Christmas ad spend represents a dynamic shift in advertising strategies, with a pronounced pivot towards digital and celebrity endorsements. While traditional TV ads maintain cultural significance, the move towards online platforms is unmistakable. This season could be a make-or-break moment for broadcasters like ITV, dictating strategies for the upcoming year. As the UK advertising industry evolves, this Christmas might preview the new normal in advertising trends.

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