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Dior Christmas ad 2023, starring Anya Taylor-Joy

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As the festive season approaches, Dior invites us into a world where fairytales and luxury intertwine with their latest Christmas ad for 2023. The enchanting Anya Taylor-Joy, star of “The Queen’s Gambit,” transforms into a modern-day princess, bringing a sprinkle of golden magic to the holiday season.


  • Memorable (95/100): The ad leaves a lasting impression with its striking visuals and Taylor-Joy’s captivating presence.
  • Effective (92/100): It effectively showcases the Dior holiday collection, making viewers yearn for a touch of Dior magic.
  • Style (98/100): The ad’s style is impeccable, with a seamless blend of historical opulence and contemporary fashion.
  • Heart/Humor (85/100): While not humorous, the ad tugs at the heartstrings, invoking a sense of nostalgia and timeless beauty.
  • Execution (94/100): The overall execution is near flawless, with every detail from the setting to the packaging exuding Dior’s signature elegance.
Anya Taylor-Joy, the face of Dior, gracefully holds a golden leaf in this enchanting Christmas ad.
Anya Taylor-Joy, the face of Dior

Interesting Facts:

  • Anya Taylor-Joy, previously captivating audiences in the Dior Addict Lipstick campaign, returns to Dior, this time embodying the spirit of Christmas in a shimmering gold dress.
  • The campaign’s makeup is encased in packaging designed by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, adding a layer of baroque artistry to the collection.
  • Dior’s holiday offerings include the Le Montaigne advent calendar and the Rouge Dior Minaudière Clutch, blending functionality with luxury.

Dior Christmas ad 2023 Pros and Cons


  1. Star Power: Anya Taylor-Joy’s presence adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to the campaign.
  2. Artistic Packaging: Pietro Ruffo’s designs transform the makeup cases into collectible art pieces.
  3. Product Range: The ad showcases a variety of products, from makeup to an advent calendar, appealing to a broad range of luxury seekers.


  1. Predictability: The fairytale theme, while beautifully done, is a familiar trope in holiday advertising.
  2. Niche Appeal: The high-end products and opulent setting may not resonate with all viewers, particularly in a year when many feel the economic pinch.


Dior’s Christmas ad for 2023, starring the mesmerizing Anya Taylor-Joy, is a testament to the timeless elegance of the brand. Set against the historic backdrop of Paris’s Tuileries Garden, the campaign is a modern fairytale that captures the essence of the holiday spirit with a touch of luxury. With its golden hues and baroque-inspired packaging, Dior presents a festive vision that is both a feast for the eyes and a nod to the brand’s heritage of opulence.

Dior’s holiday campaign is a dazzling display of festive elegance, inviting us to dream of a Christmas filled with golden moments and luxurious gifts. With Anya Taylor-Joy at the helm, the ad is not just a promotion but a celebration of the artistry and sophistication that define the season at Dior.

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Anya Taylor-Joy, dressed in a glamorous silver gown designed by Dior, elegantly perches on a stack of boxes for a captivating Christmas ad.
Anya Taylor-Joy, dressed in a glamorous silver gown designed by Dior, elegantly perches on a stack of boxes for a captivating Christmas ad.



Dior's ad is a visual feast!

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