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Asda Christmas Commercial 2023 staring Michael Bublé

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Michael Bublé is funny

Asda’s 2023 Christmas commercial is a delightful romp through the supermarket aisles, guided by none other than the smooth crooning and irresistible charm of Michael Bublé. With a sprinkle of humor, a dash of star power, and a feast of festive treats, Asda sets the table for a Christmas ad that’s as entertaining as it is appetizing.


  • Memorable (92/100): Bublé’s presence ensures this ad will be hummed and talked about at many a Christmas dinner.
  • Effective (89/100): The ad’s focus on quality with a celebrity endorsement is a recipe for success, driving the message home.
  • Style (87/100): The ad’s stylish presentation, with a nod to cinematic quality, adds a layer of sophistication to the festive fare.
  • Heart/Humor (90/100): Bublé’s playful antics and the ad’s light-hearted approach serve up a generous helping of holiday cheer.
  • Execution (93/100): Directed by Taika Waititi, the commercial’s execution is as sharp as the knives in Asda’s kitchen.

Interesting Facts:

  • Oscar-winner Taika Waititi brings his unique directorial flair to the commercial, blending comedy with cinematic quality.
  • The ad cleverly references Asda’s previous campaign with Buddy the Elf, creating a sense of continuity and tradition.
Two people in green vests standing in front of a refrigerator for the Asda Christmas Commercial 2023.
Asda Christmas Commercial 2023 is hilarious

Asda’s Christmas commercial for 2023 Pros and Cons


  1. Star Quality: Michael Bublé’s involvement adds a touch of glamour and guarantees attention.
  2. Humor: The ad’s light-hearted script and Bublé’s self-deprecating humor make for a fun watch.
  3. Product Showcase: The ad cleverly integrates a range of Asda’s festive offerings, from panettones to pigs in blankets.


  1. High Expectations: With Bublé and Waititi at the helm, the ad sets a high bar, which may overshadow the products.
  2. One-Note: Relying heavily on Bublé’s charm, the ad might miss the mark for those not tuned into his celebrity.
Asda Christmas Commercial 2023 featuring a group of people sitting around a table indulging in delicious desserts.
Asda Christmas ad 2023


Asda’s Christmas commercial for 2023, starring Michael Bublé, is a masterclass in festive advertising. It’s a commercial that sells an experience, a mood, and a promise of quality. As Bublé serenades us through a wonderland of Asda’s finest, we’re reminded that the magic of Christmas can be found in the joy of good food and the company of those who bring it to us with a smile.

Asda’s Christmas commercial is a festive buffet of humor, heart, and high-quality holiday offerings. With Michael Bublé at the helm as Chief Quality Officer, the ad delivers a clear message: Asda is the home of Christmas quality without the premium price tag. So, let’s raise a glass of spiced dark rum mince pie to an ad that’s sure to become as much a part of this year’s Christmas tradition as the big man in red himself.

Two men standing next to each other in a warehouse during the Asda Christmas Commercial 2023.
Asda Commercial staring Michael Bublé


Michael Bublé commented: “I love my relationship with the UK, and I’m the biggest fan of Christmas, so it was an honour to be asked to star in Asda’s Christmas advert this year. Adopting the role of Chief Quality Officer, I took my responsibility very seriously, ensuring all product met the highest possible standards – naturally ensuring I had the joy of personally sampling them all – from Black Tiger Tempura Prawns, Truffle and Parmesan Pigs in Blankets to chocolate and Orange Panettone. I believe Christmas is a time like no other, there’s a special feeling in the air, a little more magic to be found, and even more excuses to put on a show with great tasting food.”

A man in a suit speaking into a microphone during the Asda Christmas Commercial 2023.
Michael Bublé is the Chief Quality Officer at Asda

David Hills, Chief Customer Officer at Asda says: “At Asda, we firmly believe that having the good stuff shouldn’t break the bank – especially at Christmas. We absolutely love the festive season at Asda – and we couldn’t think of anyone better to bring our Christmas campaign to life than Michael Bublé. With Bublé’s undeniable ability to spread seasonal smiles and our commitment to quality, at great value, we’re a match made in heaven, proving Asda is a one-stop-shop for families seeking magic this Christmas.”

The Teasing Video for Asda’s Christmas Commercial 2023

Pop the Bublé! It's officially Christmas – Asda Christmas 2023

The Making Of Asda Christmas 2023: Make this Christmas Incredibublé

The Making Of Asda Christmas 2023 Make this Christmas Incredibublé
The Making Of



A funny Chief Quality Officer.

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