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Lidl Christmas Advert 2023 – A Raccoon’s Journey of Joy

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An adorable raccoon hero!

Lidl’s Christmas advertisement for 2023 is not just a commercial; it’s a storybook page that comes to life, reminding us that the smallest acts can fill the holiday season with the biggest joy. This year, Lidl has outdone itself with a narrative that tugs at the heartstrings and champions the spirit of giving.

Lidl’s Christmas campaign is a beautifully crafted reminder that the holiday season’s warmth comes from acts of kindness, big or small. With its Toy Bank initiative and selling plush toys for charity, Lidl goes beyond advertising to inspire real-world impact, proving that sometimes, the greatest gifts don’t come under the tree but from the heart.

A man and woman standing in front of a Lidl Christmas tree.
Lidl Christmas advert is heartwarming.


  • Memorable (90/100): The ad’s charming raccoon protagonist and touching storyline will linger in viewers’ minds long after the holiday season.
  • Effective (88/100): The message of kindness and the promotion of Lidl’s Toy Bank initiative resonate well, encouraging viewers to participate in the season of giving.
  • Style (85/100): The ad’s animation style is warm and inviting, perfectly capturing the cozy essence of Christmas.
  • Heart/Humor (95/100): The raccoon’s earnest and comical journey through the city injects humor into the ad’s heartfelt message.
  • Execution (95/100): From the storyline to the animation, Lidl’s ad is executed with precision and care, ensuring that the message of community and giving is clear and impactful.

Interesting Facts:

  • Lidl’s Toy Bank initiative saw over 80,000 toys donated last year, making Christmas brighter for many children.
  • The ad’s plush toys of the raccoon and monkey characters are not just cute; they’re a charitable contribution, with all proceeds going to Neighbourly.
A raccoon is holding a Santa hat in the snow for a Christmas Advert.
A raccoon is holding a Santa hat in the snow for the Lidl Christmas Advert.

Lidl Christmas ad 2023 Pros And Cons


  1. Emotional Appeal: The story of the raccoon’s determination to deliver a toy to a child is emotionally engaging.
  2. Charitable Aspect: The ad cleverly promotes Lidl’s Toy Bank, encouraging viewers to get involved in a meaningful cause.
  3. Merchandising with a Heart: The sale of plush toys from the ad for charity adds a tangible element to the campaign’s message.


  1. Predictability: The narrative, while touching, follows a familiar Christmas ad formula that some may find predictable.
  2. Limited Appeal: Focusing on a single storyline may not appeal to all demographics.


Lidl’s Christmas ad for 2023 captures the essence of the holiday spirit with its adorable raccoon hero and a message that reminds us of the joy of giving. As the raccoon braves the urban jungle to restore a child’s happiness, Lidl invites us all to partake in the season of giving through its Toy Bank initiative. This ad is not just a promotion; it’s a call to action to spread joy and make a difference, one toy at a time.

Peter de Roos, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl GB, says of the campaign: “At Christmas, there’s nothing more magical than seeing the joy a gift can bring to a child, and we want to help make sure this joy reaches all families. “Our hope is that by bringing back the toy donation points we are making it easier, for those customers who can, to donate directly to local good causes by giving them a small way to make a real difference and help those that need it the most.

A Heartwarming Ad


The magic of small gestures.

Heart or Humor9.5
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