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Lidl GB unveiled its Christmas advert – featuring Lidl Bear, and it won’t be on sale in Lidl.

The ‘paw-some’ Christmas advert will hit screens from 4th November 2022, on ITV during Coronation Street – however, it won’t

Lidl Bear’s story begins when a dad accidentally shrinks his Lidl jumper in the wash, and his young daughter has the ingenious idea of putting it on her teddy bear. And, just like that, a star is born – finding fame in the aisles of Lidl before becoming the face of Lidl’s advertising campaign and experiencing the highs and lows of fame at Christmas.

As the world around Lidl Bear goes crazy in its endeavors to make a little stuffed toy a celebrity, we ask ourselves: will Lidl Bear make it back home for Christmas with its family?

Claire Farrant, Marketing Director at Lidl GB, said: “What stands Lidl Bear apart from other Christmas characters is its hilarious, deadpan expression. By displaying no emotion, it manages to create humor and deliver our message about what’s actually important this Christmas.

“You also won’t be seeing Lidl Bear for sale in any of our stores – because, in the face of unrealistic Christmas expectations and pressure, we know what really matters is being with the people we care about.”

Peter de Roos, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl GB, says of the campaign: “Instead of selling Lidl Bear, we’re asking everyone who can to spare a bear, and other toys, to give to those in need this Christmas. From Kevin to Percy and everything inbetween, all toys will be welcomed with open arms – because there’s room for everyone at the table this Christmas.”

Lidl ad 2022 - Christmas Bear



A good XMS ad!

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