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Kevin the Carrot stars in Aldi Christmas advert 2022

The Aldi Christmas ad 2022 is a nice parody of Home Alone.

The ad opens with Katie, Baby, Jasper, and Chantenay hurrying through a busy airport as they race to catch a flight to Paris. Once they are sitting happily on the plane, Katie notices that someone is missing…it’s ’KEVIN!’.

Separated from his family, the scene cuts to Kevin, who is Home Alone. He is watching the big game on TV when he hears the heavy footsteps of an unknown intruder on the roof.

‘Quaking in his roots’, he devises a plan to warn off the uninvited guest. What follows is a series of fun, incident-packed exchanges between Kevin and the intruder – culminating in a finale where the identity of the intruder is finally revealed.

Adam Zavalis, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: “Christmas celebrates the joy of being with loved ones and this year more than ever we all need a bit of light entertainment as we celebrate the season together.

And it wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens, and this year’s Yuletide performance is sure to get the nation shouting ‘KEVIN!’ as we welcome him back for the seventh year.

Kevin the Carrot is back as the Aldi’s teaser shows Kevin and his family in the airport departure lounge.

The teaser spot is a parody of Nike’s iconic advert ‘Airport’ and also, in the end, recreates the famous scene from the Home Alone movie. Do you remember the cry of Kevin’s mother when she notices that Kevin is not on the plane?

Aldi’s teaser for Christmas advert 2022
Nike airport advert

2022 is the seventh year in which Kevin the Carrot is Aldi’s festive superstar.
The Aldi Christmas ad 2022was created by McCann Manchester.

Aldi Christmas ad 2022 - World Cup
Kevin the Carrot stars in Aldi Christmas World Cup



Good execution and excellent humor!

Heart or Humor10.0
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