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Joy is made

Named “Joy is made,” the Amazon Holiday 2022 ad is a heart-warming story celebrating the inventive spirit of a loving father who is inspired to create a very special and thoughtful experience for his young daughter, proving joy is something we make.

Amazon Holiday 2022 ad credits

The commercial was created by the advertising agency Lucky Generals and production company Hungry Man and was directed by Academy Award-winning writer, director, and actor Taika Waititi. Originally from New Zealand, Waititi’s recent credits include Thor: Love and Thunder and Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit, indie films Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do in the Shadows, Boy, and the Oscar-nominated short film Two Cars, One Night.

Amazon 2022 Holiday ad
Amazon’s 2022 Christmas ad is a heart-warming Holiday advert.

Amazon Holiday 2022 ad music

The soundtrack of the Amazon advert is “You Hold Me Up,” a new release by US Indie artist The Bones of J.R. Jones. Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Jonathon Linaberry created the original track to show support beyond just a conversation with a friend who was going through a tough time.

Amazon Christmas 2022 ad story

The full-length ad opens with a father and daughter in their house over the holidays, where we quickly learn that the daughter has a special attachment to her prized possession—a snow globe. As the father realizes the snow globe’s importance to his child, he is inspired to do something special.

With a bit of help from the community and Amazon, he creates a life-size version of his daughter’s treasured snow globe in their backyard greenhouse, complete with a teddy bear dressed as a snowman, swirling snow created by shredded recycled paper, and borrowed desk fans, and a mass of magical fairy lights. The big reveal demonstrates a father’s love through his resourcefulness and inventiveness, determined to make his child’s holiday a magical experience.


Amazon’s Christmas 2022 ad is not a memorable spot but is a good holiday commercial.


  • It is inspiring, in line with the spirit of Christmas
  • It has a believable story
  • Amazon services are present in the advertisement


  • The action starts too slowly, and the viewer’s attention is not captured in the first seconds of the advert.
  • The advertisement does not have a clear call to action



A lovely Christmas commercial.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 6 votes ) 4.9

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