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Nothing sells men’s grooming products like the promise of female attraction. In this article, we’re looking at the new ad campaign from Old Spice, “She Nose Best” created by the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. We’ll give this chain of ads a score out of 10 for a variety of essential advertising criteria. Have a look through our scores and see if you agree with our thoughts.

Memorability – 9 / 10

Great visuals and clever snappy humor ensure the ads have solid appeal to a wide variety of men. All of the clips in the campaign follow a distinct brand of humor that definitely helps to cement the brand’s style throughout the series. They appeal to millennial men with obvious jokes that aren’t sarcastic or ironic. The laughs are simple and that makes the content catchy in a way that will be relative to men in their early 20s as well as those in their late 30s.

Effectiveness – 9 / 10

Men who have never heard of the brand before will be tempted to try it because the clips are so catchy with effective humor. Those that do know the brand will feel a sense of pride in the quality of the content. This is exactly the kind of campaign that takes a lesser known brand up a few levels. Cliche overly good-looking cast members give the characters a lure that everyone expects from beauty product advertising.

Style – 10 / 10

Directed by Taika Waititi from Hungry Man production company, the ads are all spectacular looking which really makes them stand out from darker and more serious commercials. The script and scenes are lively and bursting with energy. The visuals of the male characters when they have been “revamped” by the products are attractive without being too edgy or fake looking.

Heart or Humor – 9 / 10

The humor is the campaigns greatest asset. By taking all seriousness out of each script, the brand manages to portray its core values of killer looks, having fun and getting groomed with next to no effort. Their entertainment value ensures the clips can be seen over and over without becoming overly boring. This is helped by snappy cinematography and dialogue that passes by at a rapid pace.

Execution – 10 / 10

It’s hard to place a finger on anything that is severely missing. The team behind the concept have done a fantastic job of bringing it to life while avoiding any strong sense of cheesiness or lack of class. The ad appeals to young vein men that place their attraction to women as a very high priority and this commercial definitely hits that nail right on the head. The settings are either highly dramatic and entertaining or quite mundane and relatable. Either way, the director has made the characters the focal points throughout the clips to ensure that no attention is drawn away from their expressions.

Do we think the Old Spice brand will grow its user base from this campaign? We think it’s only a matter of time before we see an equally impressive follow-up campaign that’s bound to feature higher production value and far more elaborate scenes.

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Well done!

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 6.2

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