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Organic Valley: Internet Cooking Youtubers Love Ghee

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“Teaching people how to use something they already know how to use”. Doesn’t that just sum up 80% of modern commercialism these days. In this article, we’re reviewing Organic Valley’s new ad, “Internet Cooking Youtubers Love Ghee”, a funny advert created by the advertising agency Humanaut. We’ll be giving this lively tv commercial scores out of 10 for a variety of essential ad criteria. Have a look through our notes and scores to see if you agree.

Memorability – 8 / 10

The greatest element in this concept is the ultra-sarcastic humor that courses through it. There’s no pretence or pomp. It’s purely shameless awareness mixed with very clever gags. The level of quality in the script is what people will take away from it. It makes fun of one of the world’s most recognisable internet trends right now and accomplishes a brand of humor that the target market can easily relate to.

Effectiveness – 8 / 10

If you’ve never heard of Ghee before, the clip will certainly make you want to try it. The repetitive naming of the brand throughout the advert is handled in a clever way that doesn’t annoy. We love that the main character is dressed like a typical house wife that most would expect to find on a 50’s inspired fashion magazine. This level of detail adds to the commercials entertainment value, which goes a long way in making it especially memorable.

Style – 9 / 10

With scenes, characters and music that all combine to make the clip very catchy and funny, most people will be able to watch this ad pop up several times within a few hours of TV without feeling nagged or annoyed. This ad concept almost takes the mic out of itself, and for that reason, it’s highly likeable.

Heart or Humor – 10 / 10

Did it make us laugh? Yes, big time. The YouTubers all look so normal, which is a huge factor that ensures the commercial is appreciated by everyone. Would it have been funnier if the YouTubers were all overly made-up diva types? Perhaps, but it’s more important that Ghee has a broad range of their target market reflected in the content. Only millennials will find it hilarious because we’ll understand the themes within Youtube that the brand is highlighting most. This target market is typically perceived as easier to sway than older generations with loyalties that are already more set in stone, and one of the best ways to appeal to millennials is through edgy and shameless comedy.

Execution – 10 / 10

A great concept that has been executed with distinctive flare and impact. We won’t be surprised to see the views come flying in and Ghee sales to see a sharp spike. Is it a game changer? Not quite, but this concept will certainly grab a lot of people’s attention for all the right reasons. It’s brave, edgy and tells us everything we need to know about the brand. It’s likeability is its main weapon and it’s a very powerful one when used correctly.

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Ultra-sarcastic humor.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 9.8

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