The 20 popular Holiday ads of 2022

The year 2022 is coming to an end, so it’s time for the top of the best holiday ads of 2022!

The top 10 popular holiday ads of 2022 bring outstanding Christmas TV commercials. Every year we look forward to fantastic creations from companies such as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Disney, Coca-Cola, ALDI, Amazon, etc.

On this page, we present the most popular Christmas Ads for 2022, an article that will be updated by the end of the year.

The advertising agencies demonstrated in 2022 an incredible creative force. The jury has considered popularity, creativity, and efficiency.

Updated in December 2022

Here are the ten best Holiday commercials of 2022:

1. John Lewis Christmas ad 2022 is a heart-warming foster dad story

John Lewis 2022 xmas advert skateboarder dad The Beginner
A tear-jerking Christmas advert

2. Disney Christmas Advert 2022 – The Gift – The final installment of ‘From Our Family To Yours’ Christmas advert trilogy in support of Make-A-Wish

THE GIFT   Disney Christmas Advert 2022   Official Disney UK.mkv
Holiday ads of 2022: Jessica Darrow performs the emotive soundtrack “A Little More”

3. BMW – Big Red Bow

Holidays are here!   2022 BMW Road Home Sales Event   BMW USA.mkv
2022 BMW Christmas ad is hilarious!

4. Sainsbury’s ad 2022 Christmas: Once Upon a Pud

Once Upon a Pud   Sainsbury's   Christmas 2022.mkv
starring Alison Hammond as The Countess also features a voiceover from Stephen Fry. 

5. Asda Christmas ad 2022 – Buddy the Elf

Have your Elf a Merry Christmas   Asda Christmas Advert 2022.mkv
Buddy the Elf

6. McDonald’s 2022 Christmas ad – The List

The List   McDonald's UK.mkv
Christmas isn’t for the big, expensive, or flashy.

7. PENNY Christmas ad 2022 – a very powerful commercial

Spot   PENNY   The Rift (English).mkv
It addresses the divisions in European society

8. Amazon Christmas ad 2022 – a heart-warming commercial about the inventive spirit of a loving father

Joy is made   Amazon Holiday Ad.mkv
Holiday magical experience

9. Hobby Lobby – Christmas Is What You Make It

Christmas Commercial 2022   Hobby Lobby.mkv

10. M&S 2022 Christmas advert – Dawn French reprises the role of Christmas fairy and is joined by Jennifer Saunders as you’ve never seen her before

Fairy is back and is joined by her new sidekick Duckie!   2022 Christmas advert   MS FOOD.mkv
M&S has reunited two British icons

11. Ocean Spray Christmas advert 2022 – one of the CRAZIEST adverts of 2022

Ocean Spray 60 Power Your Holidays.mkv
Ocean Spray commercial 2022

12. LEGO Christmas advert Build To Give – Katy Perry stars in the LEGO Holiday campaign

LEGO Holiday hero film 2022 - 60s non-titled.mp4
LEGO Christmas campaign

13. TK Maxx Christmas Nailed advert – The background music is the 1977 hit ‘Supernature’ song by Cerrone.

TK Maxx - Christmas Nailed   2022.mkv
Sam a woman that nails her gifts this Christmas.

14. ASUS Christmas advert 2022 – Grandpa’s Sonata

Grandpa’s Sonata   Create All The Moments With ASUS.mkv
This year, create all your moments with ASUS in the holidays!

15. Dior’s Holiday 2022 Campaign ft. Anya Taylor-Joy

Dior Holidays - The Atelier of Dreams 2022.mkv
Anya Taylor-Joy dances to the song “Where Do I Begin (Love Story)” by Shirley Bassey for Dior’s Holiday 2022 Campaign.

16. M&S Holiday advert Gifts that give featuring Harry Styles song

M&S   Gifts that give.mkv

17. Coca-Cola: Christmas Always Finds Its Way

Coca Cola Christmas Commercial 2022   Real Holiday Magic.mkv
Just Like Mama Used to Make

Holiday commercials of 2022 are worth mentioning.

18. Barbour 2022 Christmas ad features the much-loved children’s character Paddington.

Barbour Christmas Advert 2022   One of a kind-ness.mkv
Barbour 2022 Christmas commercial

19. Wish Christmas advert 2022 – Forced Smiles by Whale

World of Wish   Get Ready For Real Smiles.mkv
Too polite to say what you really think?

20. Etsy Holiday Campaign: To The Travelers

Etsy Holiday Campaign To The Travelers.mkv
Make the journey back home for the holidays a memorable one.

21. Very Christmas ad 2022

Gifts for all your Christmases   Very Christmas Advert 2022.mp4
Christmas isn’t just one day, it’s lots of days

22. Shelter Holiday ad: Brave Face by Don’t Panic

Brave Face – Shelter’s Winter TV Ad 2022   Shelter.mkv
Hundreds of thousands of children will be spending Christmas in damp storage containers

23. Lidl – Bear

Lidl ad 2022 holiday Christmas XMS.mkv
How a tiny Lidl jumper made a star out of a little girl’s bear

24. Boots Christmas advert

Boots Christmas Advert 2022   #JoyForAll   Boots UK.mkv
The story of a magical pair of glasses

25. Tesco Holiday advert

The Christmas Party Tesco advert.mkv

26. Louis Vuitton Christmas ad 2022

The Holiday Season with Louis Vuitton.mkv
An intersting animation featuring Maison’s Mascot Vivienne and her plush friend Teddy.

27. Gucci Gift

Gucci Gift.mkv

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  1. I think a great commercial is from Amazon with Big Foot receiving a hair dryer in a Amazon box. He is then shown blow drying his straggly hair. He then goes to a party looking all beautiful with his white blow dried hair and has this I’m looking good face on.

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