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Pringles has launched an innovative campaign targeting the gaming community, particularly streamers on platforms like Twitch and Facebook Gaming. The campaign, titled “Original Gamer’s Limited Edition,” introduces a Pringles can that doubles as a microphone and amplifier for streaming. Developed by ad agency Grey, the campaign was released in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico in September 2023. The can’s design includes stickers and instructions on how to convert it into a semi-professional microphone with surround audio. The campaign leverages Pringles’ alliance with Free Fire, a popular battle royale game.

The Good

  1. Targeted Audience: The campaign smartly targets the rapidly growing gaming and streaming community, which saw a 117% growth on Twitch and 118% on Facebook Gaming in 2021.
  2. Innovative Product: The Pringles can’s dual functionality as a snack container and a microphone is a creative way to engage with the target audience.
  3. Strategic Partnership: The alliance with Free Fire adds credibility and reach to the campaign, given the game’s popularity.
The Bad
  1. Geographic Limitation: The campaign is currently only available in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, limiting its global reach.
  2. DIY Complexity: The can requires some assembly, including drilling, which might deter some consumers from participating.
  3. Brand Alignment: While innovative, the campaign might stretch the Pringles brand identity too far into the tech space, potentially confusing consumers.
Comparison with Competitors
  • Doritos‘ Gamer Packs: Doritos has also targeted the gaming community but focuses more on in-game rewards rather than physical product innovation.
  • Lay’s Interactive Campaigns: Lay’s often uses interactive digital campaigns to engage consumers but hasn’t ventured into the gaming or tech space as Pringles has.

Final Thoughts

Pringles’ “Original Gamer’s Limited Edition” is a bold and innovative campaign that taps into the booming gaming and streaming market. However, its geographic limitations and potential brand identity issues could be areas for improvement.


Advertising Agency: Grey México, Grey Colombia
Chief Creative Officer México: Luis Gaitán
Chief Creative Officer Latam: Diego Medvedocky
Chief Creative Officer Colombia: Juan José Posada
Chief Executive Officer Colombia: Jorge Serrano
Executive Creative Director: Sebastían Benitez
Executive Creative Director: Juan Cárdenas
Creative Director: Oscar Muñoz
Art Director: Charles Andara
Copywriter: Camilo Garzón
Graphic designer: Charles Andara
3D Studio: Ovni
Postproducer: Townhouse




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