Doritos® Inner Hulk Challenge_ Smash [720p]

Doritos: Inner Avenger Challenge

Doritos teaming wiht Marvel Studios for a Avengers-themed campaign. As part of the promotion, Doritos revealed four videos with real six consumers. Each of them take a challenge and after the mission, they were surprised with a nice reward: tickets to attend the London premiere of “Rob Anderson, an illusionist/mentalist living in Las Vegas. Rob Anderson screen presence is like a magic. He act natural and give authenticity to the campaign.
The headline is “Bold Challenge” that remember me about ”Pepsi Challenge” (Doritos is brand from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division). The all four videos are dynamic and beautifully executed.

Thor Challenge

Doritos® Inner Thor Challenge_ Harness Thor’s Power [720p]

Captain America Challenge

Doritos® Inner Captain America Challenge_ Shield Sprint [720p]

Iron Man Challenge

Doritos® Inner Iron Man Challenge_ Flight School [720p]

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