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Cheez-It‘s latest commercial, “What Have You Done,” takes a unique approach by recreating a marketing focus group experiment. This 30-second ad spotlights the product’s thinness, crispiness, and cheesiness and delves into a concept familiar to marketers yet potentially novel to the general public. This creative angle offers an intriguing blend of industry insight and consumer appeal wrapped in a layer of engaging humor.

Cheez-It Snap’d Focus Group Goes Crazy
Cheez-It Snap’d in action: A focus group experiment like no other.
  1. Innovative Approach: Using a focus group experiment as the setting is a clever twist, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of product marketing, which can be both informative and entertaining for viewers.
  2. Strong Product Highlight: Despite the unique setting, the ad doesn’t lose sight of its goal – emphasizing Cheez-It Snap’d’s key attributes like its irresistible taste and texture.
  3. Humor as a Universal Language: The humorous execution of the concept, especially the exaggeration of running out of cheese, makes the ad more accessible and enjoyable, even for those unfamiliar with marketing jargon.
  1. Potential Confusion: The concept of a focus group experiment might not be immediately clear to all viewers, leading to possible confusion about the ad’s message.
  2. Insider Language: The ad’s reliance on marketing-specific scenarios may resonate more with industry professionals than the general snack-buying public.
  3. Narrow Audience Reach: This approach, while creative, might not have the universal appeal of more straightforward, product-centric commercials.
Cheez-It Snap Focus Group Goes Crazy
Cheez-It Snap Focus Group Goes Crazy – Humor meets marketing: Cheez-It Snap’d’s latest ad venture.
  • Memorable: 78 – The unique setting makes it memorable for some, but the concept may not resonate with all viewers.
  • Effective: 75 – It effectively highlights the product’s features, though the marketing experiment theme might overshadow this for some viewers.
  • Style: 80 – The ad’s innovative and humorous style could be perceived as niche-focused.
  • Heart/Humor: 82 – The humor is well-executed, appealing to those who understand the setting.
  • Execution: 77 – Good execution of a unique concept, but potentially limited in its broader appeal due to its specialized nature.
advert Focus Group Goes Crazy
A marketing experiment in snack advertising.

The Cheez-It Snap’d commercial “What Have You Done 30” takes a risk by stepping outside the traditional advertising playbook with its focus group experiment theme. It’s a refreshing and humorous take, albeit one that may require a bit more industry knowledge to fully appreciate. This ad serves as a fascinating case study in balancing industry-specific humor with broad consumer appeal, standing in contrast to brands like Pringles that focus more on the user experience.



The concept may not resonate with all viewers.

Heart or Humor8.2
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