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Amazon takes a refreshingly different route with its Cyber Monday commercial, “Don’t Get Caught.” Unveiled as a sequel to its Black Friday campaign, this ad cleverly intertwines humor and a relatable scenario with the nostalgic aesthetics of an old VHS tape. By portraying amusing vignettes of employees sneaking in a bit of Amazon shopping during work hours, the ad captures the essence of Cyber Monday’s shopping frenzy in a light-hearted and engaging manner. Amazon’s ad has a unique blend of humor, nostalgia, and modern e-commerce and stands out in a competitive advertising landscape dominated by more traditional approaches.

Amazon Cyber Monday Advert
Experience the hilarity of Amazon’s Cyber Monday ad.

1. Memorable (90/100): Amazon’s “Don’t Get Caught” ad for Cyber Monday brilliantly carves its niche in the viewer’s memory with its humorous and relatable content. The VHS tape design adds a unique retro charm, making it stand out distinctly in the ocean of modern, high-definition ads. Its lighthearted take on sneaking in shopping during work hours is something many can resonate with, making it more memorable.

2. Effective (88/100): This ad’s effectiveness lies in connecting emotionally with the audience. It subtly drives home the message that Amazon’s deals are irresistible by portraying common, humorous scenarios. While less direct than typical sales ads, this strategy effectively encourages viewers to partake in the Cyber Monday frenzy.

3. Style (85/100): The style of the ad, reminiscent of old VHS tapes, combined with the modern context of online shopping, creates an amusing juxtaposition. This style choice, while appealing, may not resonate as strongly with a younger audience unfamiliar with VHS aesthetics, slightly limiting its appeal.

4. Heart/Humor (92/100): The ad scores high on humor and heart. It successfully captures the light-hearted, almost mischievous aspect of shopping during work, making the commercial not just an ad but a piece of entertaining content that viewers can enjoy and share.

5. Execution (89/100): Amazon blends humor, nostalgia, and marketing in a seamless narrative, showcasing various products without making them the central focus. The transition from scenario to scenario is smooth, keeping the viewer engaged.

Amazon Cyber Monday Ad
Amazon’s ‘Don’t Get Caught’ ad: A playful take on workplace shopping.

Amazon’s “Don’t Get Caught” ad for Cyber Monday is a brilliant example of advertising that goes beyond mere product promotion to create a relatable, entertaining experience. With its comical take on the universal appeal of snagging a deal amidst daily routines, this ad resonates with a wide audience and reinforces Amazon’s position as a top destination for online shopping. The strategic use of VHS-style visuals adds a layer of nostalgia, enhancing the ad’s appeal and memorability. In contrast to the typical product-centric ads of competitors, Amazon’s focus on the shopping experience and the excitement of finding great deals sets a new standard in the realm of e-commerce advertising. This approach makes the commercial not just an ad but a relatable story that viewers are likely to remember and share, further amplifying Amazon’s reach and impact during one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year.

Amazon Cyber Monday TV Commercial
A humorous twist on Cyber Monday deals with Amazon.
  1. Relatability and Humor: The ad’s portrayal of employees sneakily shopping during work hours is highly relatable and injects humor, making it enjoyable and memorable for a wide audience. This human element adds a layer of warmth and personality to the brand.
  2. Nostalgic Appeal: Using a VHS tape aesthetic creates a unique, nostalgic feel. This retro style distinguishes the ad from more modern-looking commercials and resonates with audiences who have fond memories of the VHS era, adding sentimental value.
  3. Engaging Narrative: Rather than focusing solely on products, the ad tells a story, making it more engaging. This narrative approach holds the viewer’s attention and makes the ad more shareable, extending its reach beyond traditional advertising.
  1. Potential Misinterpretation: The humor in the ad is based on employees engaging in personal activities during work hours, which some viewers might find inappropriate or unprofessional, potentially leading to mixed reactions about the brand’s messaging.
  2. Limited Appeal to Younger Audience: The VHS tape style, while nostalgic, may not appeal as much to younger viewers who didn’t grow up with this technology. This could limit the ad’s effectiveness in connecting with a younger demographic.
  3. Risk of Overshadowing Products: Focusing on the narrative and humor might lead to overshadowing the actual products and deals. While creative, the emphasis on the shopping experience might not convey the specifics of the Cyber Monday deals as effectively as a more traditional, product-centric ad.



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