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The Hilarious Chaos of Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day: A Training Gone Wild

Imagine Free Burger Day is a national holiday. That’s the utopia Carl’s Jr. paints with its latest campaign promoting Free Burger Day on February 12. However, it’s not all juicy patties and happy faces; they’ve added a twist this year. In a series of comically absurd training videos, Carl’s Jr. prepares its employees for an onslaught of ravenous burger enthusiasts with a faux “specialized training” program. The campaign includes a website and four hilarious videos that satirize internal employee training, teaching staff how to defend against large groups of customers coming for their free Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Let’s sink our teeth into the deliciously ludicrous world of Carl’s Jr.’s training regimen.

Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day Training advert
Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day Training – Navigating the dangers of Free Burger Day with humor and a side of fries.


  1. Originality and Humor: The campaign stands out by using humor to engage both employees and customers. The idea of preparing for Free Burger Day as if it were a zombie apocalypse is both original and hilariously entertaining, providing a fresh twist on promotional events.
  2. Engagement through Interactivity: Carl’s Jr. invites viewers to participate in the narrative by creating a mock training program. This interactive approach entertains and builds anticipation for Free Burger Day, making it an event customers won’t want to miss.
  3. Brand Personality Enhancement: This campaign cleverly reinforces Carl’s Jr.’s brand as fun, bold, and willing to push the envelope. It showcases the brand’s commitment to creating memorable customer and employee experiences.
Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day Training campaign
Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day Training – Prepping for the Free Burger Day onslaught.


  1. Potential for Misinterpretation: The absurdity and humor might not translate well to all audiences, leading to confusion about the seriousness of safety and customer service on Free Burger Day.
  2. Exaggeration Risk: While the exaggeration is part of the humor, some might question the practicality of such extreme measures (e.g., the Anti Claw Saw and Burger Saver Fan), which could detract from the intended message.
  3. Safety Concerns Joking: Making light of safety, especially in a fast-food environment, could be seen as irresponsible. Jokes about customer bites and unsafe equipment, while humorous, might raise eyebrows in terms of brand responsibility.

Our Conclusion

In the fast-food coliseum, February 12th is set to be an epic showdown between burger warriors and the ravenous masses. Carl’s Jr.’s “Free Burger Day Training” is a masterclass in preparing for the burger apocalypse, blending comedy with a dash of madness. It’s a campaign that’s as unforgettable as their Western Bacon Cheeseburger, leaving us laughing and craving in equal measure. Whether you’re there for the burgers or the spectacle, this is one event where everyone leaves satisfied – if not a little bemused.

Carl’s Jr. Free Burger Day Training Video
When your customer is more ravenous than a zombie for a free burger

Burger Defense 101


Carl's Jr.'s unique approach to customer service

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