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Aldi Christmas commercial 2023 – Kevin the Carrot

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The joys of giving and sharing

Aldi has unwrapped its Christmas commercial for 2023, and it’s a heartwarming return to form with the nation’s beloved root vegetable, Kevin the Carrot. This year, Kevin and his Grate Grandpa take us on a whimsical journey through William Conker’s Magical Christmas Factory. Let’s peel back the layers of this festive advert and see if it lives up to the sweet expectations Aldi has set over the years.

  • Memorable (95/100): Kevin’s return and the vibrant factory setting make for a memorable festive treat.
  • Effective (90/100): The ad’s message about sharing and goodwill resonates well with the audience, embodying the Christmas spirit.
  • Style (93/100): The commercial’s animation is colorful and engaging, with a touch of magic in every scene.
  • Heart/Humor (88/100): Kevin’s innocence and the playful antics of the factory’s characters bring both heart and humor.
  • Execution (92/100): Aldi’s commercial is a well-crafted narrative that combines humor, charm, and a meaningful message.
  • Kevin the Carrot stars in his eighth Christmas adventure, making him a staple of Aldi’s festive season.
  • The commercial features a cast of quirky characters like Ebanana Scrooge and Marcus Raddishford, adding to the ad’s charm.
  • The storyline is a clever nod to classic tales of factory tours gone awry, with a unique Aldi twist.
  1. Nostalgic Characters: The return of familiar faces from Aldi’s Christmas past adds a layer of nostalgia.
  2. Message of Sharing: The ad’s focus on sharing and community is a timely reminder of the true spirit of the holiday season.
  3. Visual Storytelling: The animation is top-tier, with each frame packed with delightful details that tell a story beyond words.
  1. Familiar Formula: While charming, the ad doesn’t stray far from the tried-and-tested formula of previous years.
  2. Predictability: Some viewers might find the narrative predictable, though it’s executed with undeniable charm.

Aldi’s Christmas commercial for 2023 is a festive feast for the eyes, with Kevin the Carrot leading the charge in spreading holiday cheer. The supermarket chain has again proven that a simple message of joy and sharing can be the most effective way to capture viewers’ hearts during this Christmas.

The ad is a delightful reminder of the joys of giving and sharing. With its colorful cast and playful narrative, the ad is sure to become a staple of this year’s festive television lineup, warming hearts and inspiring smiles across the nation.

Aldi Christmas ad 2023 -Kevin the Carrot
Aldi Christmas ad 2023 -Kevin the Carrot

The music in the Aldi Christmas commercial 2023 is a catchy Christmas tune that is perfect for the festive season. The music is effective in creating a cheerful and upbeat atmosphere.


Marketing Director at Aldi UK, Jemma Townsend, said: “Christmas is made magical by coming together and sharing the joy of celebration even in tough times- just like Kevin wants to with his Christmas wish. It wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens; we know our shoppers will love seeing him enter the Christmas spirit as we welcome him back for his eighth year with us.

Aldi christmas ad - screenshot 1.
Kevin the Carrot stars in the Aldi Christmas commercial 2023

Cast: Kevin the Carrot, Great Grandpa, Greedy, Gluttonous Grape, Naughty Green Kiwi, Plumty-Dumptys, Spoilt Little Sprout, Ebanana Scrooge, Marcus Raddishford.



Colorful and engaging animation

Heart or Humor8.8
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