Let's Make It Sparkle   Very's Christmas Advert 2023

Very’s Christmas Advert 2023: A Flamingo-Filled Festive Fantasy!

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The ad brings a sparkle to the season

Very.co.uk has unfurled its Christmas campaign, and it’s a flamboyance of flamingos rather than the traditional flurry of snowflakes that’s taking center stage. Let’s dive into the pink paradise of Very’s Christmas advert for 2023 and see if it truly delivers the sparkle it promises.

Very‘s Christmas advert for 2023 is a delightful departure from the norm, inviting viewers to embrace the joy and sparkle of the season in a fresh, flamboyant way. With a catchy tune and a trio of flamingos that are hard to forget, Very has set the stage for a Christmas shopping experience that promises to be as enjoyable as it is convenient.

Three flamingos are standing in front of a Festive Fantasy door.
Three flamingos are the stars of the Very Christmas commercial
  • Memorable (90/100): The unique flamingo theme is a vivid departure from typical Christmas imagery.
  • Effective (85/100): The ad connects Very’s delivery service with the season’s joy, effectively promoting their online shopping experience.
  • Style (92/100): A beautifully animated pink wonderland sets a distinct and stylish tone.
  • Heart/Humor (80/100): The ad’s playful nature and the charming flamingos bring warmth and a smile.
  • Execution (88/100): The seamless blend of animation, music, and narrative creates a cohesive and engaging advert.
  • The ad features a trio of glamorous flamingos named Cherry, Kerry, and Terry, who are set to become the season’s most unlikely style icons.
  • Girls Aloud’s remastered version of “Merry Christmas, Everyone!” provides a festive and contemporary soundtrack that will resonate with viewers.
  • The animation brings a touch of magic to the screen, transforming a dull cityscape into a glittering pink haven.
A very festive Christmas advert featuring a group of flamingo-filled birds walking down a city street.
Very’s Christmas advert for 2023 is delightful
  1. Standout Characters: The flamingos are a bold choice and will be remembered long after the Christmas decorations come down.
  2. Soundtrack Choice: Girls Aloud’s hit brings a modern and upbeat vibe to the ad, aligning perfectly with the visuals.
  3. Visual Appeal: The animation is top-notch, creating a visually stunning ad that captures the imagination.
  1. Risk of Overwhelming: With so much pink and glitter, there’s a chance the ad could be a bit much for some viewers.
  2. Lack of Traditional Elements: Purists might miss the classic Christmas elements typically associated with the season’s adverts.

Very’s Christmas advert for 2023 is a bold and beautiful reminder that the festive season is upon us. With Cherry, Kerry, and Terry leading the charge, the online retailer promises a Christmas filled with sparkle, delivered right to your doorstep. It’s a reminder that Very is not just about convenience; it’s about bringing magic to your holiday shopping experience.

This advert showcases adorable flamingos in a pink room adorned with Christmas decorations.
The advert showcases adorable flamingos in a pink room adorned with Christmas decorations.



A beautifully animated pink wonderland

Heart or Humor8.0
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