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Disney’s 2023 Christmas commercial – A Wish For The Holidays

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Disney, synonymous with enchantment and wonder, has unveiled its 2023 Christmas commercial, ‘A Wish For The Holidays,’ marking a significant milestone in its advertising legacy. This year’s campaign, ‘May Your Wishes Come True,’ is particularly special as it coincides with Disney’s 100th anniversary. The ad, directed by Grammy Award-winning Meji Alabi, is a live-action masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates the essence of the festive season.

Disney’s ‘A Wish For The Holidays’ is a beautifully crafted commercial that stands out in its approach to celebrating the festive season. It’s a reminder of the joy and wonder that Disney has been bringing to audiences for a century and a hopeful message for a world united in wishes and dreams.

The ad has been globally produced by Ridley Scott Associates across the US, UK, and South Africa and developed in collaboration with the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products internal advertising agency Yellow Shoes.

Disney's 2023 Christmas commercial
Disney’s 2023 Christmas commercial
  • Memorable (95/100): The ad’s global representation and heartwarming message make it unforgettable.
  • Effective (92/100): Seamlessly blends Disney’s magic with the universal desire for togetherness.
  • Style (94/100): The live-action format and diverse global settings offer a fresh and visually stunning approach.
  • Heart/Humor (90/100): Captures the heart of the holiday spirit with subtle humor in its portrayal of different cultures.
  • Execution (93/100): Brilliantly executed with a seamless blend of storytelling, music, and visuals.

Disney’s Christmas commercials have always been more than just ads; they are short stories that capture the season’s magic. Over the years, these ads have become a cherished part of the holiday tradition, often featuring animated characters and heartwarming narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. ‘A Wish For The Holidays‘ continues this tradition with a unique twist, being Disney’s first live-action festive ad.

  • Director Meji Alabi: Brings a fresh perspective with his Grammy-winning expertise.
  • Global Representation: Scenes from six geographical locations celebrating diverse festive traditions.
  • Music:A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes‘ from Cinderella, rearranged for a global choir, adds a nostalgic yet universal appeal.
  • Ariana DeBose: Her rendition of the opening line in English adds a touch of star power.
  1. Cultural Diversity: The ad’s representation of different cultures is respectful and heartwarming.
  2. Music: The global choir rendition of a classic Disney song is innovative and touching.
  3. Visual Appeal: The live-action scenes are beautifully shot, showcasing the director’s skill.
  1. Complexity: The multiple storylines, while inclusive, might be a bit complex for some viewers.
  2. Expectation: Fans of traditional Disney animation might miss the classic animated format.

Disney’s ‘A Wish For The Holidays’ is a testament to the power of wishes and the universal desire for connection during the festive season. This ad celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary and marks a new chapter in its advertising history. It’s a reminder that no matter where we are in the world, the magic of Disney and the spirit of Christmas can bring us all a little closer.




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