Shelter’s Christmas 2023 Ad: A Poignant Reminder of Homelessness

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As the festive season approaches, Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, has unveiled its poignant Christmas commercial for 2023, titled ‘Good As Gold.’ This 90-second film, created in collaboration with creative agency Don’t Panic and production company Smuggler, is a powerful reminder of the homelessness crisis, particularly among children, during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Ratings Breakdown:

  • Memorable (90/100): The stark contrast between the festive cheer and the harsh reality of homelessness makes this ad unforgettable.
  • Effective (95/100): Delivers a strong message about the plight of homeless families, especially during Christmas.
  • Style (85/100): The ad’s style starts with a typical Christmas warmth before revealing its heart-wrenching truth.
  • Heart/Humor (70/100): While not humorous, the ad is deeply touching and heartfelt.
  • Execution (92/100): The portrayal of the harsh realities of homelessness is done with sensitivity and impact.
Shelter Christmas commercial 2023
Shelter Christmas commercial 2023 – Maddy

Shelter’s Christmas Ad Tradition:

Shelter has a history of creating impactful Christmas ads that shed light on the issue of homelessness. Their campaigns often feature narratives that starkly contrast the festive joy with the grim reality many families face. Shelter 2021 Christmas campaign and this year’s ‘Good As Gold’ follow this tradition, using the emotional appeal of children’s experiences to bring attention to this critical issue.

The Ad’s Highlights:

  • Storyline: Follows young Maddy, hoping her good behavior will be rewarded with a home for Christmas.
  • Music: The 1986 hit ‘Higher Love‘ by Steve Winwood adds a nostalgic yet poignant touch.
  • Realism: The ad’s depiction of temporary accommodation, informed by real experiences, adds authenticity.
  1. Emotional Impact: The ad effectively tugs at the heartstrings, making the issue of homelessness impossible to ignore.
  2. Authenticity: The attention to detail in depicting the living conditions of homeless families adds a layer of realism.
  3. Awareness: Raises awareness about the increasing number of children waking up in temporary accommodation on Christmas.
  1. Heavy Emotion: The ad’s somber tone might overwhelm some viewers.
  2. Lack of Resolution: The ad ends on a note of despair, which, while impactful, leaves the viewer without a sense of hope or action.
Shelter Christmas commercial 2023
Shelter Christmas commercial 2023 delivers a strong message.

Shelter’s ‘Good As Gold’ Christmas commercial for 2023 is a powerful and moving portrayal of the reality faced by over 131,000 children in England who will wake up in temporary accommodation on Christmas Day. This ad is a stark reminder of the ongoing homelessness crisis and the urgent need for action and support.



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