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Dream big

Sports Direct’s Christmas 2023 campaign, “Dream Big,” is a delightful blend of sports, dreams, and festive cheer. Directed by LOOSE of Stink Films and set to a reimagined Tears for Fears classic, this ad is a heartwarming portrayal of a young girl’s sporting aspirations.

The Sports Direct Christmas 2023 commercial, “Dream Big,” is a whimsical and heartwarming portrayal of a young girl’s dream to compete against her sports heroes. It captures the essence of the holiday season with a playful nod to sports and dreams, making it a memorable addition to Sports Direct’s tradition of inspiring holiday commercials.

Sports Direct has a knack for creating Christmas ads that resonate with sports enthusiasts and families alike. Their commercials often blend the excitement of sports with the warmth of the holiday season, encouraging viewers to pursue their athletic dreams. This year’s ad continues this tradition, showcasing a blend of real sports stars and a child’s boundless imagination.

  • Memorable (85/100): The presence of UK sports stars and the catchy soundtrack make it stick.
  • Effective (90/100): Inspires viewers to dream big, aligning perfectly with Sports Direct’s ethos.
  • Style (88/100): A stylish blend of sports, music, and Christmas magic.
  • Heart/Humor (87/100): Balances heartwarming moments with light-hearted humor.
  • Execution (92/100): Flawlessly executed with a mix of sports action and festive fun.
  • Star-Studded Cast: Features Mason Mount, Alessia Russo, Lauren Hemp, and other sports stars.
  • Soundtrack: The reworked Tears for Fears tune adds a festive and nostalgic touch.
  • Storyline: Follows ‘Little Legend Macy’ as she competes against her sports heroes in a dream sequence.
Sports Direct Christmas 2023 ad
From football fields to festive fantasies, Sports Direct’s Christmas ad is a heartwarming hit!
  1. Inspirational Message: Encourages viewers, especially young ones, to dream big in sports.
  2. Engaging Storytelling: The dream sequence is imaginative and engaging.
  3. Comedic Elements: The Christmas band and other humorous moments add a light-hearted touch.
  1. Overemphasis on Fantasy: Some viewers might prefer a more realistic portrayal of sports.
  2. Complexity for Younger Audience: The multiple sports references might be complex for younger viewers.

Sports Direct’s “Dream Big” Christmas 2023 ad is a festive fusion of sports, dreams, and holiday cheer. It’s a celebration of young aspirations and athletic greatness, wrapped in a magical Christmas package. With its blend of humor, heart, and a dash of festive fantasy, this commercial is a delightful reminder of the joy and inspiration sports can bring during the holiday season.

Sports Direct Christmas 2023 ad
Dream big this Christmas with Sports Direct Christmas 2023 advert


Matt Bolton, co-founder and creative director of MOX, said, “With the help of an 11 year old’s big imagination, we created a Sports Direct mashup of Christmas magic, big dreams, big sports, even bigger talent, all to the tune of an unexpected Christmas No.1 (well, it’s not technically No.1, but we can dream). A campaign that feels truly Sports Direct to celebrate this mad and wonderful time of the year.

LOOSE, director of Stink Films, said, “This was a great first foray into the world of TVCs. I got to work with a lovely agency team to harness my experience with music artists and direct some world-class athletes. Thank you Mox for the trust and creative freedom to experiment and create something playful.



A blend of sports, music, and Christmas magic

Heart or Humor8.7
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