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HP x Wrexham AFC – funny advert by Ryan Reynolds

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In the ever-evolving advertising world, it takes a lot to stand out. In collaboration with Wrexham AFC, HP has managed to do just that with their recent ad titled “Chief Technology Explainer.” The 55-second spot, crafted by none other than Ryan Reynolds‘ agency, is a delightful blend of humor, tech-savviness, and subtle brand promotion


1. Humor as a Hook

The ad is undeniably hilarious, capturing attention right from the get-go. Using humor to discuss something as potentially dry as tech upgrades is a masterstroke. It makes the viewer more receptive to the brand message.

2. Celebrity Involvement

The involvement of Ryan Reynolds’ agency adds a layer of credibility and intrigue to the campaign. It’s an intelligent move that leverages Reynolds’ reputation for quirky and effective advertising.

3. Relatability

The ad taps into the universal experience of grappling with technology, making it relatable to a broad audience. This widens the ad’s appeal beyond just tech enthusiasts or football fans.

HP x Wrexham AFC - funny advert by Ryan Reynolds
HP x Wrexham AFC – funny advert by Ryan Reynolds


1. Niche Appeal

The collaboration with Wrexham AFC might not resonate with viewers unfamiliar with the football club or its recent acquisition by Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.


The “HP x Wrexham AFC | ‘Chief Technology Explainer'” ad is a refreshing take on tech advertising. It successfully marries humor with brand promotion, a feat made even more impressive by the involvement of Ryan Reynolds’ agency. While it has its shortcomings, the ad’s pros far outweigh its cons, making it a memorable addition to HP’s advertising portfolio.

HP x Wrexham AFC - funny advert by Ryan Reynolds




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