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Sky Cinema is taking viewers from the couch to the cinema with its latest campaign, “Your Ticket to the Big Screen.” Produced by Birth Productions and featuring Idris Elba, the campaign offers Sky Cinema subscribers two monthly free tickets to Vue Cinema. But does this campaign make the subscription more appealing? Let’s find out.

Memorability: 96/100

Pro: Including Idris Elba adds star power and makes the campaign instantly memorable.
Con: The concept of offering free cinema tickets is not new and could be overlooked.
Pro: The action-packed narrative is engaging and leaves a lasting impression.

Effectiveness: 92/100

Pro: The campaign effectively promotes the new subscription perk, making Sky Cinema more appealing.
Con: The campaign might appeal mainly to action movie fans, potentially alienating other demographics.
Pro: The offer of 2 free tickets is a tangible benefit that could drive new subscriptions.

Style: 96/100

Pro: The campaign’s cinematic style, paying homage to iconic movies, adds a layer of authenticity.
Con: The high-octane style might be too intense for some viewers.
Pro: The campaign’s visuals and promotional material are professionally crafted, adding to its appeal.
Pro: The iconic song ‘Misirlou‘ by Dick Dale and His Del-Tones, famously featured in Pulp Fiction, elevates the campaign’s style and ties it to cinematic history.

Vue cinema ad free tickets
Sky Cinema: Your Ticket to the Big Screen

Heart or Humor: 88/100

Pro: The campaign taps into the universal love for movies and the cinema experience.
Con: It lacks a deeper emotional angle, focusing mainly on action and thrill.
Pro: The campaign’s humor, especially with Idris Elba’s nephew as the sidekick, adds a light-hearted touch.

Execution: 90/100

Pro: The campaign is well-executed, with a seamless integration of action, star power, and the subscription offer.
Con: It might lack the ‘wow’ factor that could make it a viral sensation, given its promotional nature.
Pro: The campaign effectively utilizes TV and cinema for promotion, ensuring a wide reach.

Comparison with Competitor:

Compared to other subscription services that offer similar perks, Sky Cinema’s “Your Ticket to the Big Screen” stands out for its cinematic quality and star-studded cast.


Sky Cinema’s “Your Ticket to the Big Screen” campaign is a well-executed and highly memorable initiative that scores high on effectiveness and style. With an average grade of 92/100, it’s a campaign that will likely be remembered for its bold approach to subscription perks.

A man in a jacket with the words staring idris holding two free tickets to Vue cinema.
Idris Elba stars in the new Sky Cinema advert 2023



The ad is well-executed

Heart or Humor8.8
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