The first-ever BMW iX2 × lil Miquela

BMW iX2 × lil Miquela

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In a bold move to capture the tech-savvy and environmentally conscious imagination, BMW has partnered with virtual influencer lil Miquela for their first-ever all-electric iX2 ad. The nearly 3-minute video blends real and virtual, aiming to take viewers on a journey into a “new reality.” But does it succeed? Let’s break down the pros and cons.


1. Futuristic Appeal

Using a virtual influencer like Lil Miquela gives the campaign a futuristic edge, aligning perfectly with the all-electric nature of the BMW iX2.

2. Environmental Focus

The ad does an excellent job of emphasizing the car’s zero CO2 emissions and its electric range, appealing to an eco-conscious audience.


1. Target Audience Limitation

While using a virtual influencer is innovative, it might alienate older or less tech-savvy consumers who find it hard to relate to such characters.

2. Complexity

The ad’s narrative, which blends the real and virtual, could confuse some viewers, diluting the core message about the car’s features.

3. Lack of Human Element

Using a virtual influencer might lack the emotional connection that a real-life influencer or celebrity could bring to the campaign.

BMW iX2 × lil Miquela ad
BMW iX2 × Lil Miquela ad


BMW’s iX2 ad featuring lil Miquela is undoubtedly a daring venture into the future of advertising. While it scores high on innovation and environmental focus, it risks limiting its appeal to a narrower demographic. Whether this campaign will set a new trend or serve as a cautionary tale remains to be seen.

BMW iX2 × lil Miquela
BMW iX2 × Lil Miquela collaboration

How is lil Miquela?

In the realm of social media influencers, few figures are as intriguing and polarizing as Lil Miquela. Created by Brud, a Los Angeles-based technology startup, Lil Miquela is a computer-generated character who has taken the digital world by storm. With her lifelike features, trendy fashion sense, and personality to match, she blurs the lines between reality and virtuality, challenging our perceptions of what it means to be an influencer in the digital age.

Lil Miquela is not just a pretty face on Instagram; she is a multi-faceted personality with interests ranging from fashion and beauty to social activism. She has collaborated with major brands, appeared in ad campaigns, and even released her music. Her presence extends beyond the screen, influencing real-world trends and conversations. This has led to partnerships with high-profile brands, including Calvin Klein and Prada, who see value in her ability to engage with a young, tech-savvy audience.

What sets Lil Miquela apart from other influencers is her non-human nature. As a virtual entity, she doesn’t age, doesn’t get tired, and is not subject to the same ethical and moral dilemmas that human influencers often face. This makes her a marketer’s dream but raises ethical questions. For instance, should a CGI character disclose paid partnerships and sponsorships? How does her existence impact the complex dynamics of body image and self-esteem among social media users?

Despite these concerns, Lil Miquela represents a significant shift in the digital marketing landscape and social influence. She embodies the convergence of technology, culture, and commerce in a way that is uniquely suited to our increasingly digital lives. As artificial intelligence and virtual reality continue to advance, Lil Miquela may well be the precursor to a new wave of virtual influencers who will further blur the boundaries between the real and the virtual, challenging us to rethink our definitions of authenticity, influence, and human interaction in the digital age.



A bold collaboration.

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