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Ford: F-150Video thumbnail for vimeo video 235539079

Ford: F-150

Ford unveiled three new commercials about the new 2018 Ford F-150: “The New 2018 F-150 is Brainiac Smart,” “The New 2018 F-150: Steely McBeam,” and “You’re the QB with the new 2018 Ford F-150.” The campaign tagline is “Built Ford Tough.”
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AUDI: Orchestra Campaign

AUDI unveiled three commercials featuring a pianist, with the help of three Audi vehicles, plays the theme song of Star Trek (music: Theme from Star Trek – Alexander Courage), Mary Tyler Moore Show (song: Love Is All Around – Sonny Curtis), and Cheers (song: Where Everybody Knows Your Name – Gary Portnoy). A demonstration of […]
Honda: The Joy of Moving You, Is What Moves UsVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233879545

Honda: The Joy of Moving You, Is What Moves Us

Leo Burnett, Melbourne creates this commercial for Honda Australia. The advert was directed by Michael Spiccia and produced by Scoundrel. The whole rhythm by an instrumental interpretation on the piano of Sweet Dream, which contrasts with the cadence of the ballet. The tagline is “Power Of Dreams,” and the marketing story is “The joy of […]
Lamborghini: Free your Egodesign-leftdesign-rightdesign-topheader-1img gallery 5intern-bottomoverview-rightVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233613857

Lamborghini: Free your Ego

Lamborghini unveiled “Free your Ego” commercial. The advert promotes the new Aventador S Roadster. The icon that inherited the legacy of the historic S models of the Miura, Islero, Countach, and Urraco returns to outdo itself in its most exciting version: the Aventador S Roadster. The new V12 engine with a whopping 740 HP and […]
Kia:  Pure Driving Sensation of Kia StingerVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233097135

Kia: Pure Driving Sensation of Kia Stinger

Kia unveiled a new commercial for Kia Stinger. The slogan is “A New Place of Life. The Kia Stinger: Pure Driving Sensation.” The film was shot in the Highlands of Scotland and creates a visual statement of driving perfection.
BMW: The Concept X7 iPerformanceVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233097464

BMW: The Concept X7 iPerformance

This is one of the best product video. Named “The Concept X7 iPerformance,” the video promotes BMW Concept X7. The marketing story below: “This study car offers a look ahead to the future production model set to make its debut in 2018. The forthcoming BMW X7 forms part of the largest model offensive in the […]
Volkswagen: The New King – GorillaVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 232043695

Volkswagen: The New King – Gorilla

The advertising agency DDB and the creative agency Palm + Havas make “The New King” commercial for Volkswagen. The advert features an inflatable gorilla that from a car dealership. The gorilla follows the brand-new red Volkswagen Tiguan driven by the actress Paige Mobley. The background music is the song Livin’ Thing by Electric Light Orchestra.
Toyota: Driving AppVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 231673413

Toyota: Driving App

The answer to every parent’s fears is here! Toyota has developed a new app to prevent newly licensed teen drivers from making all the mistakes that their parents expect them to. Here, we go over Toyota’s new ad for this dynamic app, with scores out of 10 for vital criteria and our thoughts on whether […]
BMW: SleepwalkingVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228342660

BMW: Sleepwalking

Dreamy cars are never a hard sell, but in today’s crowded automotive industry, the hard part is standing out. Here, we review the “Sleepwalking” TV commercial by BMW. The advert was created by the advertising agency Paranoiia. We’ll give this ad a score out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, heart, and execution. Were you […]
Honda: Over the RainbowVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 228337702

Honda: Over the Rainbow

Singer Joy Downer was behind the cover of the song “Over the Rainbow,” the background music featured in the ad. Honda has become one of the leading producers of moving, stunning, and inspiring motoring adverts over the past few years. Here we take a look at their latest addition, “The Power Of Dreams”. We’ll discuss […]
Ford: Car sensitiveVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 224897565

Ford: Car sensitive

The car is often man’s best friend after the dog. Here we look at Ford’s “Car Sensitive” ad. We’ll pick apart this commercial’s main features and give it scores out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, humor, and execution. Take another look at the video and have a read through our review to see what […]