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Volkswagen‘s new funny ad for the Taos, aptly titled “No Going Back,” takes a comedic twist on comfort. The ad humorously portrays a woman who, after experiencing the plush seats of the Taos, finds it impossible to be comfortable in any other chair—be it at home, the office, the cinema, or even her therapist’s office.


  • Humor Done Right: The ad’s comedic elements and excellent acting make for an entertaining watch that aligns well with Volkswagen’s brand personality.
  • Relatable Scenario: The exaggerated discomfort the woman feels in other chairs is a humorous exaggeration of a relatable experience, making the ad resonate with a broad audience.
  • Focus on Comfort: By making comfort the central theme, the ad effectively highlights one of Taos’s critical features without being overly technical.


  • Limited Feature Highlight: While the ad does a great job focusing on comfort, it misses the opportunity to showcase other features and benefits of the Taos.
  • Niche Appeal: The humor and situation might not resonate with everyone, potentially limiting the ad’s reach.
Volkswagen ad - Taos seats
Volkswagen ad – Taos seats


Volkswagen’s “No Going Back” ad for the Taos is a comedic gem that effectively uses humor to highlight the comfort feature of the car. However, it could benefit from a more comprehensive showcase of what the Taos offers. Whether this ad will have people flocking to Volkswagen dealerships for a test sit—err, test drive—remains to be seen.

Volkswagen ad - Taos seats
Volkswagen ad – Taos seats is hilarious




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