MTN DEW ad 2023: Thirst or Souls?

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MTN DEW’s new ad, “Your Soul Needs DEW,” takes a rather metaphysical approach to selling soda. The ad suggests that grabbing a crisp, refreshing MTN DEW is not just a physical but a soulful need. But does this ad quench our thirst for a good marketing campaign? Let’s find out.

Memorability: 75/100

Pros: The unique angle focusing on the ‘soul’ makes the ad stand out in the crowded beverage market.
Cons: The abstract concept might be too confusing for some, making it less memorable in the long run.

Effectiveness: 70/100

Pros: The 2-minute duration allows for a deep dive into the concept, potentially making it more impactful.
Cons: The limited engagement metrics suggest that the ad may not have effectively reached or resonated with its target audience.

Style: 80/100

Pros: The ad’s metaphysical approach adds depth, making it stylistically unique.
Cons: The style might be too niche, limiting its broader appeal.

Heart or Humor: 85/100

Pros: The emotional appeal targeting the ‘soul’ could create a strong connection with viewers.

MTN DEW's new ad, "Your Soul Needs DEW,"
MTN DEW’s new ad, “Your Soul Needs DEW”

Execution: 72/100

Pros: The ad is well-executed in its unique concept and emotional targeting.
Cons: The lack of viewer engagement and comments suggests that the execution could be improved for better interaction.

Comparison with Competitor:

Compared to Coca-Cola‘s universally relatable “Real Magic” campaign, MTN DEW’s “Your Soul Needs DEW” takes a risk by delving into the abstract. While it’s a bold move, it may not have the same mass appeal.


MTN DEW’s “Your Soul Needs DEW” ad is an intriguing blend of physical and metaphysical needs. While it scores points for originality and emotional appeal, it could benefit from a clearer message and stronger engagement strategies. Whether this ad will elevate MTN DEW to a soulful experience remains to be seen, with an average grade of 76/100.

MTN DEW ad 2023 Thirst or Souls



Interesting concept

Heart or Humor8.5
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