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Burger King’s new ad campaign, “You Rule,” aims to make fast food a social affair. With the “Whopper Whopper” song setting the tone, the ad introduces the all-new Have-sies, perfect for sharing among friends. Created by OKRP, the campaign promotes Burger King’s build-your-own combo meals. But does it make you want to grab your friends and head to Burger King? Let’s break it down.

Memorable: 85/100

The “Whopper Whopper” song is catchy and likely to stick in viewers’ minds, making the ad memorable.

Effective: 70/100

While the ad does a good job of introducing Have-sies and promoting the social aspect of fast food, it falls short in showcasing the broader product range, like Whopper With Cheese and Frozen Coke.

Style: 80/100

The ad’s engaging style fits well with the brand’s image. However, the absence of credit to the creative agency, OKRP, is a missed opportunity for added credibility.

Heart or Humor: 75/100

The ad taps into the social joys of sharing a meal with friends, giving it heart. However, it could have leveraged humor more effectively to make it more engaging.

Execution: 65/100

The ad is well-produced but could benefit from a clearer connection between the tagline “You Rule” and the act of sharing, which could otherwise lead to confusion.

Burger King advert
Burger King ad Next Time


Burger King’s “You Rule” campaign has its merits, especially in its focus on the social aspect of fast food and its catchy music. However, it could use some fine-tuning regarding product showcase and message clarity. Overall, it’s a campaign that has the potential to rule but needs a few adjustments to dominate the fast-food advertising landscape.

Overall Rating: 75/100

The campaign has a lot of strong points but also areas that need improvement. It’s a solid effort but not yet a home run.

Burger King advert
Burger King advert 2023



Good music.

Heart or Humor7.5
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