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Liquid Death, known for its audacious advertising, is back with another eyebrow-raising campaign—’Chest Blaster.’ The ad, launched today on YouTube and social media, blends fitness infomercial nostalgia and provocative themes. But does it hit the mark or fall flat? Let’s break it down.

Memorability: 85/100

Pro: The suggestive themes and raunchy innuendos make the campaign hard to forget.
Con: The ad’s shock value might overshadow the product itself.
Pro: The campaign follows Liquid Death‘s tradition of pushing boundaries, making it memorable within its brand narrative.

Effectiveness: 80/100

Pro: The ad effectively targets Liquid Death’s core audience, who appreciate its edgy branding.
Con: The provocative nature of the ad may alienate potential customers looking for a straightforward fitness product.
Pro: The low price of $2.19 per can is a strong call to action that could drive sales.

Style: 88/100

Pro: The early 2000s infomercial style adds a layer of nostalgia and humor.
Con: The style might be too niche, appealing mainly to those who appreciate retro advertising.
Pro: The visuals, including close-up shots of flexing abs, add to the ad’s unique style.

Heart or Humor: 90/100

Pro: The ad’s humor aligns well with Liquid Death’s brand voice.
Con: The humor might not resonate with everyone, given its provocative nature.
Pro: The campaign’s audacity could create a strong emotional response, either positive or negative.

Liquid Death Chest Blaster advert
Liquid Death Chest Blaster advert

Execution: 82/100

Pro: The campaign is well-executed, balancing nostalgia, humor, and provocation.
Con: The ad might be too polarizing, limiting its broader appeal.
Pro: The multi-channel launch ensures a wide reach, boosting the campaign’s execution.

Comparison with Competitor:

Compared to more conventional fitness beverage ads like Gatorade, Liquid Death’s ‘Chest Blaster’ stands out for its audacity and unique style.


Liquid Death’s ‘Chest Blaster’ campaign is a memorable and provocative venture that scores high on style and humor. With an average grade of 85/100, it successfully maintains the brand’s edgy reputation but may limit its broader appeal.

Liquid Death Chest Blaster advert
Liquid Death Chest Blaster 2023 funny ad



A layer of nostalgia and humor.

Heart or Humor9.0
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