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Mondelēz International is bringing Toblerone back into the limelight with its new ‘Never Square’ campaign. The campaign aims to disrupt the chocolate industry’s norms, just as its founder, Theodor Tobler did in 1908. But does this campaign live up to its triangular hype? Let’s find out.

Memorability: 92/100

Pro: The “Never Square” tagline is catchy and aligns perfectly with Toblerone’s iconic shape.
Con: The campaign might be overshadowed by other chocolate brands with more aggressive marketing strategies.
Pro: The introduction of Toblerone Truffles adds a new layer to the brand’s memorability.

Effectiveness: 89/100

Pro: The campaign effectively introduces a new product—Toblerone Truffles—while reinforcing the brand’s unique identity.
Con: The limited initial release in select countries might limit its immediate global impact.
Pro: The collaboration with fashion photographer Manu Fauque adds a layer of premiumness, enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness.

Style: 95/100

Pro: The campaign’s aesthetic, influenced by Manu Fauque, brings a fresh and modern twist to the brand.
Con: The high-fashion style might alienate consumers who associate Toblerone with casual indulgence.
Pro: The unique diamond shape of the new Toblerone Truffles adds to the campaign’s stylish appeal.

Heart or Humor: 88/100

Pro: The campaign taps into the nostalgia of Toblerone while encouraging people to challenge norms.
Con: It lacks a humorous element, which could have made the campaign more relatable.
Pro: The campaign’s message of encouraging uniqueness resonates emotionally with consumers.

Execution: 91/100

Pro: The campaign is well-executed, balancing product introduction and brand repositioning.
Con: The campaign might be too niche, appealing mainly to those who appreciate premium branding.
Pro: The multi-channel approach ensures a wide reach, boosting the campaign’s execution.

Comparison with Competitor:

Compared to other chocolate brands like Cadbury or Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone’s ‘Never Square’ stands out for its focus on premiumness and originality.

A woman is standing in front of a crowd of people, holding a Toblerone chocolate.
Toblerone advert 2023


Toblerone’s ‘Never Square’ campaign is a well-executed and memorable venture that scores high on style and effectiveness. With an average grade of 91/100, it successfully repositions Toblerone as a brand that dares to be different.

Toblerone ad
Toblerone ad



A triangular success

Heart or Humor8.8
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