Volkswagen Super Bowl ad 2024 – An American Love Story

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Volkswagen’s latest advertisement, “An American Love Story,” takes viewers on a nostalgic ride through the brand’s 75-year legacy in the United States, culminating in anticipating their future with the ID. Buzz electric microbus. Directed by the Emmy Award-winning Lance Acord, known for the iconic “The Force” ad, this two-minute extended cut is a heartfelt narrative woven into the very fabric of American culture, set to the evocative tunes of Neil Diamond’s 1971 hit “I Am… I Said.” As Volkswagen prepares to air a 60-second version during Super Bowl LVIII, let’s buckle up and delve into what makes this ad a journey worth taking.


  1. Nostalgic Mastery: The ad brilliantly encapsulates Volkswagen’s storied history with America through a tapestry of historical and recreated footage. By including cultural icons like Herbie and references to The Simpsons and Star Wars, Volkswagen celebrates its past and cements its place in the present and future of American lore.
  2. Emotional Connection: The choice of Neil Diamond’s “I Am… I Said” as the soundtrack elevates the emotional resonance of the ad. It speaks to the Beetle’s journey and, by extension, Volkswagen’s journey in America—a tale of seeking and finding belonging.
  3. Innovative Presentation: Premiering at the Chicago Auto Show and distributing through the myVW App showcases Volkswagen’s innovative approach to engaging with its audience. This strategy underscores the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with forward-thinking connectivity.


  1. Complex Narratives: While the ad’s rich narrative is compelling, the two-minute length might dilute its impact on viewers used to shorter, snappier commercials. This could affect the ad’s memorability amidst the Super Bowl’s ad blitz.
  2. Selective Appeal: The heavy reliance on nostalgia and historical significance might not resonate as strongly with younger audiences unfamiliar with Volkswagen’s legacy or the cultural references made throughout the ad.
  3. High Expectations: Following the acclaim of “The Force,” expectations for any Volkswagen ad directed by Lance Acord are sky-high. This could lead to comparisons that overshadow the unique strengths and message of “An American Love Story.”
Volkswagen Super Bowl ad 2024 - An American Love Story
Volkswagen Super Bowl ad 2024 – An American Love Story. A Love Letter on Wheels: Volkswagen’s Tribute to America

Beetles, Buzzes, and the American Dream

“An American Love Story” is Volkswagen’s love letter to America—a celebration of past glories, present innovations, and future dreams. While it drives down memory lane with the top down, it signals towards an electric future with the headlights bright.

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