The 2024 Lexus TX advert: A Revolution in Three-Row Luxury

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Lexus has rolled out its marketing campaign for the first-ever 2024 TX, aiming to redefine the three-row luxury SUV segment. The campaign focuses on the idea that every seat in the TX offers unparalleled space, comfort, technology, and luxury. But does this campaign truly set a new standard? Let’s find out.

The campaign debuts with four spots with wide-reaching and targeted creativity – each spotlighting how every seat in the TX gives your family and friends substantial space without compromising the luxurious amenities they expect.

A woman and a child are sitting on an airplane during the 2024 Lexus TX advert.

In Team One’s spot, “Battle Out There,” a family arrives back at the airport, weary from a day of travel. Memories of their bad seats quickly fade when the spacious Lexus TX rescues them.

A group of people standing on a stage in colorful dress during the 2024 Lexus TX advert.

In Walton Isaacson’s spot, “The Road Best Traveled,” a Black family thrives while doing unexpected things in unexpected ways with help from the TX.

The 2024 Lexus TX advert A Revolution in Three-Row Luxury

In IW Group’s spot, “VVIPs,” we’re introduced to stylish East Asian characters in an action thriller that allows them to connect in their TX.

The 2024 Lexus TX advert A Revolution in Three-Row Luxury
The 2024 Lexus TX advert A Revolution in Three-Row Luxury

In the agency’s last spot, “Here,” we see the lively traditions and connections between a family as they prepare for a big modern Asian Indian wedding made possible by the TX.

Memorability: 90/100

Pro: The campaign’s focus on “every seat is the best seat” is a unique selling proposition that stands out.
Con: The SUV market is saturated, and standing out is increasingly difficult.
Pro: The campaign’s debut across various media platforms, including linear TV and streaming, ensures maximum reach.

Effectiveness: 85/100

Pro: The campaign addresses a genuine need for a three-row luxury SUV, filling a gap in Lexus’s lineup.
Con: The campaign might not appeal to those prioritizing fuel efficiency over luxury.
Pro: The strategic partnerships with events like the Billboard Music Awards and platforms like TikTok boost its effectiveness.

Style: 92/100

Pro: The campaign maintains Lexus’s signature luxury and sophistication.
Con: The style might be too polished, potentially alienating younger or more budget-conscious consumers.
Pro: The campaign’s visuals and promotional material are top-notch, aligning with the brand’s luxury image.

Heart or Humor: 75/100

Pro: The campaign taps into the emotional aspect by focusing on family and the importance of shared experiences.
Con: It lacks a humorous angle, which could have made it more engaging.
Con: The emotional appeal is somewhat generic, lacking a unique narrative.

Execution: 88/100

Pro: The campaign is well-executed, seamlessly integrating luxury and practicality.
Con: It might lack the ‘wow’ factor that could make it a viral sensation.
Pro: The campaign effectively utilizes various platforms for promotion, ensuring a wide reach.

Comparison with Competitor:

Compared to competitors like the BMW X7 or the Audi Q7, Lexus’s 2024 TX campaign takes a more user-centric approach. While competitors often focus on performance and technology, Lexus aims to redefine luxury in a family vehicle.


The 2024 Lexus TX campaign is a well-rounded effort that scores high on style and memorability but could improve emotional engagement. With an average grade of 86/100, it’s a campaign that sets a new standard in the three-row luxury SUV market but leaves room for improvement in connecting with the audience.



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