Perfect 10 The Kia big game commercial featuring the 2024 Kia EV9

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2024 – extended version

A Spark of Warmth in the Cold: Kia’s Super Bowl ‘Perfect 10’ Hits Emotional Highs

As the frost of winter blankets the landscape, Kia America ignites the warmth of human connection with its Super Bowl spot, “Perfect 10“. This 60-second heart-tugger is set against the backdrop of Cat Power and Coldplay’s “Wish I Was Here”,. Celebrating its 15th Super Bowl appearance, Kia drives home the message of inner strength and the joy of brightening someone’s day with its pioneering three-row EV SUV.

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2024 ice dance
KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2024 ice dance – When the world’s your rink, every moment is a chance to shine.

KIA Super Bowl Ad Facts:

  • This marks Kia’s 15th Super Bowl campaign, showcasing the brand’s long-standing relationship with one of America’s biggest nights in television.
  • The Kia EV9’s V2L capability powers a touching family moment in the ad and positions the vehicle as a game-changer in the EV market.
  • The collaboration between Cat Power and Coldplay for the track “Wish I Was Here” adds a layer of auditory emotion, further enriching the advertisement’s impact.


  1. Emotional Connection: Kia masterfully utilizes the universal language of emotion, weaving a story that resonates with anyone seeking acknowledgment. The tale of a young figure skater and her supportive family captures hearts, emphasizing the ad’s core message about the power within us to make someone smile.
  2. Innovative Product Highlight: The ad cleverly integrates the EV9’s Vehicle to Load (V2L) capability without making it feel like a hard sell. By powering a magical moment, the EV9 is positioned as more than just a vehicle; it facilitates unforgettable experiences.
  3. Musical Mastery: The choice of Cat Power and Coldplay’s “Wish I Was Here” as the soundtrack elevates the emotional weight of the narrative. The song acts as a bridge, connecting the viewer’s emotions with the visuals and enhancing the overall impact of the advertisement.


  1. Potential Overemphasis on Emotion: While the emotional appeal is strong, there’s a risk it might overshadow the product itself. Viewers may remember the story more than the EV9’s features or brand.
  2. Niche Appeal: The specific scenario of a figure skating performance might not resonate with all demographics, potentially limiting the ad’s universal appeal.
  3. Clarity on Innovation: The ad subtly showcases the EV9’s innovative features, but some viewers might miss the significance of the V2L capability without further explanation.
KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2024
Charging through snow, lighting up lives.

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2024 is a warm embrace, reminding us of the power of simple acts of love. While it dances on the thin ice of emotional advertising, it lands a triple axel, leaving viewers enchanted by the possibilities of technology when fused with human warmth. Yet, amidst the applause, one can’t help but wonder if the spotlight shines brighter on the story than the star performer, the Kia EV9.

“The Kia EV9 is electric like you’ve never seen, and ‘Perfect 10’ will introduce our groundbreaking three-row EV SUV to more than 100 million people with a heartwarming story about the power we all have inside of us, the power to make someone smile,” said Russell Wager, vice president, marketing, Kia America.

Created by David&Goliath, Kia’s creative agency, additional campaign assets include, :30, :15 and :06-second cut downs of the :60-second spot, as well as digital, print, and social media extensions.

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