CrowdStrike Super Bowl ad 2024 – Wild West (Extended Cut)

This isn’t a scene from the acclaimed series Westworld; it’s the thrilling premise of CrowdStrike’s Super Bowl commercial, “The Future.” With a nod to the timeless appeal of Westerns and a firm grasp on the digital age’s challenges, CrowdStrike returns to the Super Bowl arena to showcase its AI-powered cybersecurity prowess. Directed by the renowned Tarsem Singh and featuring the heroic Charlotte, this ad isn’t just a commercial—it’s a cinematic journey into a future where the cybersecurity stakes are as high as they were in the lawless days of the Old West. CrowdStrike Super Bowl 2023 commercial showed how the company would have stopped history’s most infamous breach during the Battle of Troy.

CrowdStrike Super Bowl commercial 2024 - Wild West
CrowdStrike Super Bowl commercial 2024 – Futuristic frontier tales: Not your typical cybersecurity pitch


  1. Engaging Narrative: Drawing parallels with Westworld, the ad ingeniously marries the mystique of the Western genre with the urgency of modern cybersecurity threats. This narrative choice grabs attention and makes the complex world of digital protection more relatable.
  2. High Production Value: Under Tarsem Singh’s direction, “The Future” boasts a visual splendor that rivals major Hollywood productions. This level of quality ensures that the message of cybersecurity is delivered through a memorable and engaging medium.
  3. Powerful Brand Messaging: By presenting its AI-native Falcon XDR platform as the story’s hero, CrowdStrike positions itself as the vanguard of digital defense. This bold statement is amplified by the ad’s placement during the Super Bowl, underlining the company’s leadership in the cybersecurity space.


  1. Potential Complexity: For viewers expecting straightforward Super Bowl entertainment, the sophisticated blend of cybersecurity themes with Western drama might be a tad intricate. This complexity could dilute the ad’s immediate impact on a general audience.
  2. Comparative Expectations: Given the ad’s cinematic approach and the inevitable comparisons to Westworld, there’s a risk that expectations might overshadow the commercial’s core message. Fans of the series could be more focused on drawing parallels than on CrowdStrike’s offerings.
  3. Niche Subject Matter: While cybersecurity is undeniably crucial, its intricacies might not resonate as universally as more broadly appealing Super Bowl ad themes. This focus might limit the ad’s appeal to a narrower audience, despite its broad broadcast.
CrowdStrike Super Bowl ad 2024 - Wild West
In the digital Wild West, Charlotte is the sheriff in town.

Witty Summary:

CrowdStrike’s “The Future” is where silicon chips duel with six-shooters, and AI is the new sheriff in town. It’s a bold leap into a future where cybersecurity isn’t just part of the conversation; it’s blazing the charge. While not everyone might catch the nuances on the first watch, the ad’s ambition to saddle up and redefine the cybersecurity narrative is as clear as the high noon sky. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a Westworld aficionado, CrowdStrike’s message is clear: they’re the ones wearing the white hats in the digital frontier.

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