Toyota Kids – A Sobering Reminder of the Dangers of Drunk Driving

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Toy car crashes!

Toyota’s latest ad campaign, “Toyota Kids,” takes a powerful stance against drunk driving by using toy car accidents to emphasize the consequences of impaired driving. Created by DAVID São Paulo for Toyota Brazil, the ad employs both humor and alarm to drive home its message, making it an impactful public service announcement.

The 30-second film features clips of children crashing toy cars, authorized by their parents, to showcase the effects alcohol has on drivers. By comparing the impaired abilities of drunk drivers to those of 8-year-old children, the ad effectively communicates the dangers of alcohol consumption before getting behind the wheel. Scientific research supports this comparison, revealing that alcohol significantly impairs a driver’s reflexes, coordination, and sense of danger.

While the film promotes Toyota‘s Safety Sense technology, which alerts drivers to potential hazards on the road, it also makes it clear that such technology should not be used as an excuse to drive under the influence. The ad reinforces the importance of responsible driving and the potential risks drunk driving poses to the driver and others on the road.

Amusing yet alarming, the “Toyota Kids” campaign creatively uses real footage of toy car crashes to raise awareness about the dangers of impaired driving. It serves as a sobering reminder that responsible driving is of utmost importance, regardless of vehicle safety technology.


  • Powerful message: The campaign effectively highlights the dangers of drunk driving by comparing impaired drivers to 8-year-old children, making it a memorable and impactful public service announcement.
  • Creative approach: Using actual footage of toy car crashes, the ad employs a unique and engaging method to convey its message, capturing the audience’s attention.
  • Promoting safety technology: The ad promotes Toyota’s Safety Sense technology while reminding drivers that such technology should not be an excuse for driving under the influence.


  • Humor might dilute the message: The amusing nature of the ad could potentially detract from the seriousness of the issue, reducing its overall impact.
  • Limited appeal: The ad’s focus on toy cars might not resonate with all demographics, possibly limiting its effectiveness in reaching a broader audience.
  • Reliance on shock value: The campaign’s alarm-inducing approach may rely too heavily on shock value, potentially causing viewers to dismiss the message or become desensitized to it.

Toyota’s “Toyota Kids” campaign is an innovative and thought-provoking ad that effectively communicates the dangers of drunk driving. By comparing the driving abilities of intoxicated adults to those of young children, the ad drives home the message that drinking and driving is never acceptable. This campaign promotes Toyota’s safety technology and serves as a powerful reminder of the need for responsibility and caution behind the wheel.

Toyota Kids advert


Agency: DAVID São Paulo
Campaign: Toyota Kids
Client: Toyota do Brasil
Product: Institucional
Global CCO: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
ECD: Edgard Gianesi, Renata Leão
Creative Directors: Luiz Alexandre Musa, Fabio Natan
Art Director: Fabio Natan
Copywriter: Luiz Alexandre Musa
Edition: Breno Amorim, Leonardo Nichida
Content: Maike Maio, Laura Cassaro
Account: Tom Gil, Rodrigo Kozma, Gabriela Ramos, Caroline Oliveira
Producer: Fernanda Peixoto, Ariama Pereira, Ana Beatriz Duarte
Plannning: Carolina Silva, Daniela Altenfelder, Barbara Pires
Media: Marcia Mendonça, Marina Sahtler, Katherin Avancini, Andre Rocha
Data Intelligence: Mailson Dutra, Bruna Monteiro
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo

Client Approval: Jose Ricardo Silva, Fabio Lage, Silvia Yamane, Natalia Baptista, Juliana Ghiselini

Images: TLA Produções Artísticas
Music: Chris Jordao, Darren Solomon
Mix and sound design: Ian Sierra, Andre Melges, Pedro Moura
Executive Production: Xanna D’aguiar, Karina Vadasz, Ivis Silva



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