Tango ad 2023: A Daring, Hilarious Return with “Dangerously Potent Flavour.”

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Tango, the iconic fruity drink brand, is back with a bang, targeting a new audience while re-establishing itself in youth culture. The multi-million pound integrated campaign, titled “Bust,” is a masterstroke from the creative team at VCCP London and Girl&Bear. Building on the new brand platform “dangerously potent flavor,” the campaign aims to attract Gen Z consumers.

Following the success of the award-winning “Tanguru” campaign, which significantly increased the brand’s popularity, Tango enjoyed a successful year with a 56% growth in retail sales value, taking it to £84 million. The brand now stands as the market’s third-largest and fastest-growing fruit-flavored carbonate.

The “Bust” campaign, a long-term brand platform, revolves around a 60-second film that pays homage to Tango’s daring and bold adverts from the 90s and 2000s. Directed by renowned comedic director Ben Tonge and produced by Girl&Bear, the film features a hilarious mock police raid on a suspected “dark berries lab” that results in a police officer being exposed to dangerous levels of Tango, leaving him “completely Tango’d.”

Tango has always been known for pushing boundaries and behaving mischievously; this campaign is no exception. By breaking category norms in the soft drinks market, the brand successfully taps into its heritage and distinct position of being bold while retaining its classic British humor roots.

Tango advert 2023
Tango advert 2023

In a world where young people often feel pressured to conform, Tango aims to celebrate those who break free and fully express themselves. The creative idea of an imaginary world where Tango is considered a dangerously powerful flavor with such an intense effect that authorities want it banned is brilliant. It adds a fresh twist to the brand and engages the audience effectively.

Harriet Dyson, Marketing Controller Fruit Flavoured Carbonates at Britvic, expressed her excitement about the new campaign and its potential to showcase the tangy fruit flavors of Tango. George Wait, Creative Director at VCCP, also shared his enthusiasm about taking the brand back to its roots and continuing to play in the edgy and unmistakably “Tango” universe.

The campaign is supported by bold, colorful assets that help create a world where Tango is highly irresistible, highlighting the classic Orange, Apple, and Dark Berry flavors. In addition, the popular Dark Berry Sugar-Free flavor aligns with Britvic’s Healthier People sustainability strategy, promoting healthier consumer choices.


  • Engaging the target audience: By creating a captivating and humorous storyline, the “Bust” campaign effectively appeals to the Gen Z audience, making it a strong marketing move.
  • Reinforcing brand identity: The campaign stays true to Tango’s heritage of being bold, mischievous, and pushing boundaries, strengthening its unique position in the market.
  • Promoting healthier choices: Including the Dark Berry Sugar-Free flavor aligns with Britvic’s Healthier People sustainability strategy, encouraging consumers to opt for healthier alternatives.


  • Risks of controversy: The campaign’s edgy approach, featuring a police raid and a mock “dark berries lab,” could potentially spark controversy or negative reactions from more conservative audiences.
  • Limited appeal beyond Gen Z: While the campaign specifically targets Gen Z, it might not resonate well with older audiences or those unfamiliar with Tango’s brand history.
  • Over-reliance on humor: While humor is a key element of the campaign, overemphasizing comedy may detract from the actual product or overshadow the promoted healthier options.

In conclusion, Tango’s “Bust” campaign is a daring, hilarious return that effectively connects with its target audience. By staying true to its heritage and pushing boundaries, the brand is set to continue its growth trajectory and make a lasting impression on the younger generation.

Tango ad 2023
Tango advert 2023

Below you can watch the controversial ‘Head Massager’ Tango ad 2019:




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