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Discover the power behind Duracell and Williams' TV commercials.

Duracell and Williams have joined forces to launch a series of high-profile marketing initiatives, including two attention-grabbing TV commercials that effectively communicate the strength and reliability of Duracell batteries. The collaboration between the battery giant and the racing team has produced ads that cater to a diverse audience, showcasing the versatility of their partnership.

The first commercial features a child crying as their toy car runs out of batteries. This simple yet powerful storyline resonates with parents and children alike, highlighting the importance of reliable batteries in keeping favorite toys running. The ad effectively positions Duracell as a trusted solution for powering the moments that matter most in our daily lives. It reminds viewers of the frustration caused by inferior batteries and encourages them to choose Duracell for consistent, long-lasting power.

In contrast, the second ad takes a more patriotic approach, rallying support for American racing driver Logan Sargeant. The commercial states that “9 out of 10 American fans will be cheering for someone else this weekend” and calls on viewers to back Sargeant, who Duracell supports. The ad emphasizes the importance of standing behind fellow Americans and cleverly ties this sentiment to Duracell’s support for Sargeant. This patriotic angle appeals to a broader audience, promoting both Duracell batteries and Williams racing as champions of the American spirit.

Duracell ad 2023 x Williams Racing
Duracell ad 2023 x Williams Racing

Both commercials showcase the creativity and innovation that stems from the collaboration between Duracell and Williams. The ads target different demographics and convey distinct messages, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of the partnership. The first commercial appeals to a more general audience, focusing on the reliability of Duracell batteries in everyday life. Meanwhile, the second ad caters to sports fans and those with a strong sense of national pride.


  • The commercials cater to a diverse audience, effectively reaching different demographics and showcasing the versatility of the Duracell and Williams partnership.
  • The ads creatively highlight Duracell batteries’ reliability and long-lasting power in everyday life and high-pressure sports scenarios.
  • The patriotic angle in the second ad fosters a sense of national pride and unity, promoting both Duracell batteries and Williams racing as champions of the American spirit.


  • The first ad’s focus on a child’s frustration may not resonate with viewers who do not have children or have not experienced similar situations.
  • The second ad’s reliance on patriotism may not appeal to international viewers or those not invested in the sports world.
  • The commercials’ distinct themes may create a disconnect between the two ads, leading to potential confusion about the campaign’s overall message.

The Duracell and Williams partnership has produced two compelling TV commercials that effectively promote the Duracell brand while showcasing their collaboration’s versatility and creativity. These ads engage viewers with their distinct themes, successfully reaching a diverse audience and further solidifying Duracell’s position as a trusted power source for various applications.

Duracell ad 2023
Duracell ad 2023



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