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Argos has launched a new spring advertising campaign, “There’s More to Argos,” aiming to highlight the retailer’s diverse range of products. In a Toy Story-inspired commercial, the campaign introduces two animated toy characters, Connie and Trevor, voiced by Ruth Bratt of People Do Nothing and Charlie Cooper of This Country. The lovable duo explores various Argos products with unique British wit and charm.

The ad, developed by creative agency The&Partnership and directed by award-winning James Rouse, showcases the characters as they welcome a new Habitat cushion into their home. Untold Studios, a BAFTA, EMMY, and GRAMMY-nominated animation studio, brought the characters to life. The campaign seeks to position Argos as the go-to destination for everything from tech to homeware and household goods.

‘There’s More to Argos’ employs a series of films that depict inquisitive toys exploring their surroundings with childlike wonder. They interact with various products, such as hairdryers and speakers, and fall in love with a Habitat cushion. Rob Quartermain, head of marketing campaigns at Argos, expressed the company’s hope to use the new brand ambassadors to establish Argos as the most convenient place for shoppers to find a wide range of products at a great value.

Toby Allen, executive creative director at The&Partnership, explained that the toy duo effectively conveys the message that Argos sells more than just children’s products. By challenging the ‘greige’ home interior trend and embracing color, Argos aims to stand out from the competition.

Argos Ad 2023 “There’s More to Argos” Analyze


  • Engaging and memorable characters: The animated toy duo of Connie and Trevor brings a fun and charming element to the campaign, making it more appealing to viewers.
  • Emphasizes product diversity: The campaign successfully highlights the wide range of products available at Argos, from tech to homeware and household goods, by showcasing various items through the toy characters’ interactions.
  • Appeals to nostalgia: By drawing inspiration from Toy Story, the ad connects with viewers who have a fondness for the iconic movie, creating an emotional connection with the brand.


  • Limited target audience: Using animated toy characters may not resonate with all demographics, potentially limiting the campaign’s effectiveness among certain age groups or audiences.
  • Reliance on nostalgia: While drawing inspiration from Toy Story can be a strength, it may also be seen as unoriginal or derivative, with some viewers potentially dismissing the ad as a mere imitation.
  • Overemphasis on playfulness: The playful nature of the campaign, while engaging, could detract from the seriousness of some product offerings, such as high-end tech or furniture.
Argos Spring Advert 2023
Argos Spring Advert 2023


Argos ad 2023, ‘There’s More to Argos,’ brings a fresh and engaging perspective to the brand by introducing animated toy characters Connie and Trevor. While the campaign effectively highlights the retailer’s diverse product offerings and appeals to nostalgia through its Toy Story-inspired approach, it faces certain limitations regarding target audience and originality. Despite these drawbacks, the campaign demonstrates Argos’ creative efforts to connect with viewers and position itself as a one-stop shop for everything from tech to homeware and household goods. Argos aims to capture consumers’ attention and change perceptions about the range and quality of its offerings by striking a balance between playfulness and product diversity.

Argos ad 2023
Argos ad 2023

Ruth Bratt and Charlie Cooper: A Dynamic Duo Behind Argos’ New Animated Ad Campaign

In the world of British television, Ruth Bratt of “People Just Do Nothing” and Charlie Cooper of “This Country” have made a lasting impression with their unique brand of humor and exceptional acting skills. Now, this talented duo has come together to lend their voices to Argos’ latest spring advertising campaign, ‘There’s More to Argos,’ which aims to showcase the retailer’s wide range of offerings.

Ruth Bratt’s Journey

Ruth Bratt is a versatile actress and comedian known for her role as the eccentric DJ Steves’ wife, Julie, in the hit British mockumentary series “People Just Do Nothing.” Her quick wit and brilliant improvisation skills have made her a standout performer in the comedy world. Bratt has appeared on various TV shows, including “Showstopper! The Improvised Musical,” “Fast and Loose,” and “Derek.” In Argos’ new campaign, she lends her voice to Connie, a savvy plastic doll who explores the retailer’s offerings alongside her dinosaur friend, Trevor.

Charlie Cooper’s Rise to Fame

Charlie Cooper, an actor, and writer, rose to fame with his portrayal of Lee “Kurtan” Mucklowe in the critically acclaimed British mockumentary series “This Country.” The show, co-written by Charlie and his sister Daisy May Cooper, humorously captures the lives of two cousins living in rural England. Cooper’s excellent comedic timing and engaging on-screen presence have made him a favorite among viewers. In the Argos campaign, Cooper voices Trevor, a lovable dinosaur who, along with Connie, discovers the diverse range of products available at Argos.

A Fresh Perspective for Argos’ Campaign

The collaboration of Ruth Bratt and Charlie Cooper brings a new level of charm and humor to Argos’ advertising campaign. Their ability to create endearing and relatable characters adds a sense of authenticity and playfulness to the animated world of Connie and Trevor. The duo’s unique voices and comedic prowess make the campaign entertaining and effectively convey Argos’ message of being a one-stop shop for all customers’ needs.

Ruth Bratt and Charlie Cooper’s collaboration in Argos’ latest ad campaign exemplifies the power of combining great talent to create engaging content that resonates with the audience. Their dynamic partnership breathes life into the animated characters of Connie and Trevor, making the campaign memorable and impactful. As Argos continues to showcase its diverse product offerings, the charming world created by these two talented actors will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on viewers and potential customers.



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  1. I think this is great. Demographics or not, At last, something new rather than the old flash, flash loud screaming voices and flash in the pan 20 second adverts that are a round now. It takes it’s time, tells a story and gets the point of the advert across, in a gentle way. Subtle and very clever.

  2. Can’t wait to see the Connie & Trevor show. !! Brilliant , what is next for these two characters. Short and sweet and naturally funny ????.

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