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EOS, the self-care brand renowned for its innovative and effective products, has recently launched two intriguing advertisements for its 2023 campaign. These ads, characteristically quirky and memorable, highlight the extraordinary softness that can be achieved using Eos Shave Cream.

A Glamorous Fox and a Soft-Skin Envy

EOS adverts 2023 - Jealous Foxes
EOS adverts 2023 – Jealous Foxes

The first advertisement features an anthropomorphic fox with an alluring aura of glamour. In a humorous twist of roles, this fox drapes a human as a stole over its shoulders. The message? Human skin, after using Eos Shave Cream, is so soft that it becomes enviable even to the plush fur of a fox. The fox’s human accessory, Margot, even mentions getting college credit for participating in this unusual arrangement. This unique narrative effectively and creatively emphasizes the softness that Eos Shave Cream brings to the skin.

The Dog Owner and the Irresistible Skin

EOS adverts 2023 - dogs
EOS adverts 2023 – Skin so soft, your dog won’t be able to keep her paws off you.

The second ad takes a slightly different approach but with the same underlying message. It introduces a dog owner who, after incorporating Eos Shave Cream into her self-care routine, finds her skin irresistibly soft to her canine companion. Once again, the advertisement uses a humorous and creative narrative to highlight the efficacy of Eos Shave Cream in achieving exceptionally soft skin.

Soyoung Kang, Eos’ chief marketing officer, emphasized in a statement that the brand’s consistent commitment to innovative formulas and engaging storytelling continues to set Eos Shave Cream apart. The latest campaign, designed by Eos’ creative agency of record, Mischief @ No Fixed Address, is no exception.


  • Creativity and Humor: The ads use anthropomorphism and role reversal to create humor and grab attention. The unexpected scenarios effectively highlight the product’s benefits.
  • Strong Product Message: The ads communicate the product’s main benefit, i.e., superior skin softness, memorably.
  • Unique Approach: Using animals as the main characters, EOS differentiates its ads from typical beauty and self-care commercials, making them more memorable.


  • Unconventional Imagery: The image of a fox wearing a human or a dog obsessed with a woman’s skin might be off-putting to some viewers.
  • Limited Product Information: The ads focus heavily on humor and creativity but provide limited information about the product, such as ingredients, how it works, or why it’s superior to competitors.
  • Potential Misinterpretation: The unusual imagery and narratives might confuse some viewers, distracting them from the product’s message.


Eos’ 2023 campaign manages to convey the effectiveness of its Shave Cream in an engaging, memorable, and creative way. By anthropomorphizing animals and reversing the roles, Eos humorously highlights the superior softness that its product can bring to human skin. The campaign perfectly balances innovative advertising and effective product showcasing, making it a compelling watch for existing customers and potential new ones.

Creepy Humor


I like the campaign because the ads are different.

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