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Advantages of Train Travel

In a whimsical new campaign, Deutsche Bahn, the German national railway company, showcases the benefits of train travel in a wonderfully humorous way. The commercial, expertly directed by Pantera and brought to life by the creative minds at Ogilvy, provides a well-executed blend of comedy and message delivery, setting it apart in the realm of advertising.

The ad presents us with a relatable scenario: an agency employee being persistently contacted by a demanding client. As the employee attempts to navigate the roads, her client amusingly appears alongside her in a parallel-running car and atop her vehicle, persistently seeking her attention. The humor lies in the situation’s absurdity, with the client’s relentless pursuit serving as a source of comedy and highlighting the challenges of trying to work while driving.

Despite the comedic undertones, the advertisement skillfully communicates its core message: the advantages of train travel. The underlying premise is that, unlike driving, train travel allows for uninterrupted work time, making it the superior choice for productivity. As the ad concludes, the takeaway is clear: with Deutsche Bahn, you can travel and work in peace, free from the distractions and demands of the road.

The commercial cleverly uses humor to communicate a practical message, making it memorable and effective. The unexpected appearance of the client in various locations keeps viewers engaged and amused while also highlighting the struggle of juggling work and driving.

Additionally, the production value of the advertisement is noteworthy. Pantera’s direction is flawless, with seamless transitions and excellent comedic timing, while Ogilvy’s creative strategy shines through in the ad’s unique approach.


  • Humor as a tool: The commercial cleverly uses humor to keep viewers engaged and entertained, making the message more memorable. The situation’s absurdity is a strong comedic element, resonating with audiences.
  • Precise message delivery: Despite its humorous approach, the ad effectively communicates the benefits of train travel over driving, particularly for those who need to work during their commute. The clear and relatable premise aids in this message delivery.
  • High production value: The direction by Pantera and the creativity of Ogilvy ensure the ad is well-produced and visually engaging. The transitions are seamless, and the comedic timing is spot-on.


  • Limited audience appeal: The commercial primarily targets a specific demographic – those who need to work during their commute. This might limit the overall reach of the ad.
  • Absurdity could overshadow the message: While the situation’s absurdity serves as a comedic element, it might also distract viewers from the core message of the ad. Some viewers might focus more on the humor and less on the benefits of train travel.
  • Relies heavily on a single gag: The ad uses the same comedic premise – the client appearing in various places – throughout. While this is funny initially, it may become predictable and lose its impact over time.


In conclusion, Deutsche Bahn’s latest ad is a delightful blend of humor and smart advertising. It entertains and effectively communicates the benefits of choosing train travel for working commuters. This ad is a testament to the power of humor in advertising and is likely to resonate with audiences and boost the brand’s image.

Funny Deutsche Bahn ad 2023
Funny Deutsche Bahn ad 2023

Deutsche Bahn ad 2023 credits

Director: Pantera
DOP: Albert Salas
Executive Producer: Philipp Ramhofer
Producer: Anastasia Konovalova
Production Coordinator: Fallon Stang
Production Assistant: Alina Pawlicz
Post Production Producer: Dorothe Preut
Pitch Producer: Anastasia Konovalova
Head of Development: Leonor Alexandrino

Agency: Ogilvy
Executive Creative Directors: Asli Sahin
Creative Director: Sinya Horwedel/Siyamak Jung
Agency Producer: Tina Rentzsch

Production Berlin
Production Designer: Greta Bolzoni, Carolina Duarte
Photographer: Christoph Spranger
Photographer Assistant: Simon Schreiner
Stylist: Julie Vojtovics
HMU: Nadin Wagner
Production Manager: Frank Pirsich
1st AD: Alan Finlay
Drivers: Özbek Özkan, Christian Pause
1st AC: Benny Raeder
2nd AC: Max Casjens
VTR: Andreas Klatt
Gaffer: Richard Nitsche
Electricians: Darius Tschorn, Luca Nagel, Christoph Cassel, Paul Nitsche, Michael J. Schmitz
Key Grip: Olando Grübel
Grip Assistant: Florian Sanitz
Sound: Wladimir Gelwich

Post Supervisor on Set: James Johnston
Caterer: Kayfu
Editor: Nik Kohler
Editor Assist: Cabin
Color: Nicke Cantarelli
Post Production House: Cinegrell
Post Producer Ambassadors:
VFX: Katalist
Producer: Steffen
Set Supervisor: James Johnston
Sound Design:
Cast: Margherita Deri, Alexandra von Schwerin
Service Production Portugal:
Executive Producer Sur Film: Marko Schiebeck
Producer: Elenora Filipelli
Production Manager: Pedro Rosa
Production Coordinator: Andreia Alves da Silva
1st AD: Tirso Diaz-Jarez
2nd AD: António Amaral
Script Supervisor: Vanessa Patrício
Location Manager: Gil Cabugueira
Location Assistant: Ivo Fernandes
Drivers: Rita Silva, João Marquet, Tiago Santiago, Francisco Aldim
PA/Driver: Paulo Ribeiro, Nuno Ferry, Mafalda Lourenço, Miguel Barbeiro, Nuno Gonçalves
1st AC: Nuno Fazenda
2nd AC: Henrique Pena
VTR: Miguel Rebelo
Sound Director: Cyril Santos
Gaffer: António Milheiro
Best Boy: Pedro Pereira
Electrician: João Pequeno, João Rato,
Genny Operator: José Luis
Key Grip: David Valente
Grip: Faísca
Grip: Pedro Ricardo
Art Director: Artur Pinheiro
Props Master: Vera Tevez Costa
Art assistant: Ivo Fartura
Stand by Props: João Pedro Cotrim
Campground: Carlos Pereira
Precision Driver: Jorge Matos, Marta Santos
Stunt: Isabella Andrade
Costume Designer: Julia Vojtovics
Seamstress: Eloisa Ascensão
HMU: Tina Hoffmann
Car Mechanic: Pedro Emiliano
Camera Car/Lowloader: Nuno Amaral

Pick-Up: José Paulo
Catering: Pedro Azevedo
Nurse: Marta Monteiro




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