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Amazon ad – A Journey from Security Guard to Chef

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In Amazon’s recent ad, they have tapped into the power of dreams and aspirations, creating a compelling narrative that showcases the transformational potential of their platform.

The security guard protagonist is initially content in his routine work life, sandwiched between his desk and the surveillance monitors. But as he begins to watch cooking shows on Amazon Prime during his breaks, we see a spark ignite. This newfound passion is fed by the products he purchases from Amazon, which gradually elevate his culinary skills. We see him preparing increasingly sophisticated dishes each night at work, using the cookware and kitchen gadgets he has procured through Amazon’s vast marketplace.

The ad’s pacing is excellent, effectively showing the progression of the security guard’s culinary abilities over time. The subtext here is clear: with Amazon, you can discover new passions and have access to the tools needed to pursue them.

By the end of the ad, we see the security guard standing in front of a restaurant named ‘Fuego,’ staring at a ‘chef wanted’ sign. It’s a powerful conclusion, suggesting that through Amazon’s resources, he has gained the confidence and skills to consider a career change to pursue his newfound passion for cooking.


  • Inspiring Narrative: The ad’s storyline is inspiring and relatable, showing a common man discovering and pursuing his passion. This emotional connection likely resonates with viewers.
  • Brand Image: The ad effectively positions Amazon as a facilitator of dreams and aspirations rather than just a platform for buying products, strengthening the brand’s image.
  • Cinematic Quality: The ad’s high production value and cinematic quality make it enjoyable to watch, enhancing viewer engagement.


  • Overly Idealistic: While the story is inspiring, it may be seen as overly idealistic. Not everyone can easily switch careers, especially based solely on self-taught skills.
  • Missed Opportunity: The ad could have done more to highlight the vast range of products available on Amazon, particularly those related to the protagonist’s newfound passion.
  • Lack of Diversity: The ad focused on a single character’s journey. While this made for a strong narrative, it might have benefited from showcasing a broader range of individuals using Amazon to pursue their passions.

This ad does an outstanding job of emphasizing Amazon’s role as a facilitator of dreams and aspirations. It’s not just about selling products or services; it’s about empowering people to discover and pursue their passions. The narrative is relatable and inspiring, showing that anyone can rewrite their story with the right tools and a bit of self-belief. The ad effectively communicates the transformative power of Amazon engagingly and emotionally, leaving viewers with a positive perception of the brand.

Amazon advert Security Guard to Chef
Amazon advert Security Guard to Chef




Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 5 votes ) 7.8

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Comment (6)

  1. Security Guard To Chef: Amazon commercial. No one mentions the music choice for this ad. To me, that is what grabs your attention first!
    Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis, a classic, great musical arrangement. I have the original 45rpm record that I played in April at home.
    I even submitted the song in a video version to a Canadian radio station announcer late April in the chance he might play it on air. What a wild
    coincidence that the song is then spot lighted in the Amazon commercial in May!

  2. This advert is wrong on so many levels. The security control room is a ‘sterile’ area with no personal items allowed. No food, no drink, and no distractions, such as laptop computers. No one was watching the monitors and they were busy chatting to each other. I am glad he is getting another job. I am a retired police officer and SIA security Guard/CCTV operator.

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