Burger King Stirs the Pot of Confusion in Latest Kid-Narrated Ad

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In collaboration with David Madrid, Burger King recently unveiled a creative and humorous ad campaign titled ‘Even More Confusing Times,’ directed by Oscar nominee Claudia Llosa. The campaign, featuring the fast-food giant’s new plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets, takes a fresh and entertaining approach by having children narrate and perform throughout the ad.

In this innovative spot, viewers are introduced to a series of perplexing everyday dilemmas, highlighting the growing confusion in our current times. From debates over eco-friendly purchases to existential questions like whether a cookie jar without cookies is still a cookie jar, the ad captures the innocent yet profound confusion of children in a manner that is both relatable and engaging.

With an ironic twist, Burger King adds to this confusion, introducing their plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets. These nuggets, made entirely from plants but tasting like chicken, embody the confusion that the ad brilliantly capitalizes on.

The campaign extends beyond just the nuggets, promoting Burger King’s full plant-based menu, including the plant-based Whopper Jr. This move is a significant step forward for the fast-food chain, signaling its commitment to providing more sustainable and healthier options for its customers.

This is the third chapter in Burger King’s ‘Confusing Times‘ campaign, each bringing a unique perspective on the theme. The choice to focus on children’s confusion in this latest ad provides a fresh take on the concept, offering a humorous yet insightful look at how we navigate the perplexing world around us.


  • Relatable Humor: The ad cleverly plays on everyday confusion that viewers of all ages can relate to, making it engaging and entertaining.
  • Innovative Approach: The choice to use children as narrators and performers is unique and adds an element of freshness and innocence to the campaign.
  • Promotion of Plant-Based Options: The ad showcases Burger King’s commitment to providing healthier and more sustainable food options, attracting a broader audience and aligning with current consumer trends


Over-Reliance on Confusion: While using confusion as a theme is creative, it may confuse viewers and detract from the primary message of promoting Burger King’s plant-based menu.
Lack of Clarity on Product Details: The ad does not provide sufficient information about the new plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets, such as their ingredients, nutritional value, or how they compare to regular chicken nuggets.
Potential Misinterpretation: The ironic twist of adding to the confusion with a confusing product might be lost on some viewers, leading to misunderstandings about the product.


Whether it’s the mystery of why a two-year-old building is so big or the paradox of plant-based ‘chicken’ nuggets, Burger King’s new campaign is a clever celebration of life’s little confusions. It’s a playful reminder that there’s always room for a little fun and a good meal amid all the confusion.

Kids Burger King Commercial 2023
Kids Burger King Commercial 2023



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